Safety Q&A

The Miami Hurricanes defense features first-year starting safeties Brandon Meriweather and Greg Threat. They complement each other very well and are looking forward to doing big things on the field.

What are your thoughts on the defense?

GT: We have been flying around. Everything has been going well. We make a couple mistakes, but that is going to happen. We work hard everyday and everyone is running around hustling to the ball.

BM: We are very competitive around here. If his jump is better than mine, then I have to get my jump better. We are just trying to be the best that we can. We compete with everything. All of us are very competitive. I think Antrel is the head man of all of us, he has been here the longest.

What are your thoughts on first-year defensive backs coach Tim Walton?

GT: We look at coach Walton like us only without pads and a helmet. When you mess up he is going to let you know and when you do well he will congratulate you. The secondary is coming along well and he has us playing physical. We have been playing well together.

BM: He is real good at teaching us technique and the small things. We get along well with coach Walton.

What are your thoughts on your game?

GT: I came into the season expecting to play instead of being in the shadows of Sean Taylor. It has pushed me to work harder and communicate more, look towards my coaches more, and just do everything a lot more. I am out there making plays as I am expected to make plays. When it happens, it happens. It feels good.

BM: I am not trying to be a ‘ball guy'. I am trying to gain weight so people fear me. I want people to think "he brings it and he brings weight."

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