Coker Press Conference - Defense

Following Miami's 38-13 win in Houston, head Coach Larry Coker addressed the media Friday morning. Coker discussed a variety of topics surrounding the Hurricane defense.

On the performance of the defense against Houston

A 38-13 win for us is a good win for us. There was some good and some bad. They did a nice job offensively, especially in the first half of keeping us out of rhythm a little bit. Second half we adjusted pretty well. Their third-down success rate was not very good and part of that was because of the adjustments we made. We played solid defense in the second half. They came at us fast with a lot of different formations, hot reads, and quick throws. They had us off-rhythm in the first half, but the second half was much better.

On the defensive effort…

It was good. The thing you find with a scheme like Houston's with a quick huddle and a lot of short passes. You spend all of your time paying attention to assignments that you sometimes it can take away some of the aggressiveness. They are sending in four and five guys off of the boundary and we have to make a call. I think we did a good job of keeping them out of the end zone other than the fumble at the end of the half and a penalty to allow them to score a touchdown. We didn't have quite the edge, but they took away some of that.

On the performance this season by DT Teraz McCray

I really like his character. Teraz is six foot and one half inch. He is not 6-foot-5 and probably never will be. He is a great kid and practices hard, plays hard. He is going to be a good football player—he already is as a redshirt freshman.

On the performance of DT Orien Harris through three games…

He has played well. I don't know if he has sacked the quarterback yet. He is very tough to block and gets in the backfield and forces a lot of things. The thing Houston did was they got rid of the ball quick. You are not going to put a lot of pressure on the quarterback with that philosophy. He has played well against the run.

On if there will be a talk with DE Baraka Atkins on the celebration penalty…

I didn't actually see what happened. I talked to him after it happened about the call. That is something we will talk about. We just can't kick the ball off at the 20-yardline.

On the 17-tackle performance by S Greg Threat

You don't really like to see your safety make that many tackles. That means there are a lot of guys going through to your safety. Randy Shannon called a good game involving him a lot. He had a lot of opportunities. The quick throw to the flat are essentially a toss sweep for the guys on the outside to cover.

On the big plays of freshman S Anthony Reddick

I think Anthony is going to be a tremendous football player. He was a very special recruit out of high school. We really liked what we saw. He's been coached hard defensively by coach Tim Walton and coach Randy Shannon to get him ready because we know we are going to need him. We didn't know we needed him to play as much quite as fast. He did a good job on special teams and is picking up the defensive scheme very well. He did a good job last night facing a lot of different looks.

On Reddick not being a big-time recruit…

We liked him in high school and we like him more now. It is funny that we get so many good players that are not big-time recruits. On the national championship team there are some guys that still play on Sundays. Not very many of them were blue chip recruits. The bluest of the blues was Vernon Carey. It was Tulane and us for Ed Reed. Bryant McKinnie wasn't a highly recruited player. We try to evaluate character and bring them to our team. Anthony has certainly been a positive for our football team.

On facing Georgia Tech

I think it will be a tremendous test for us. First of all, I think they are a good team. I was very impressed with them against Clemson. The game could have somewhat went either way. I have not been to a game at their stadium, but I know atmosphere in the ACC will be tough. I think it will be a tremendous tough test for us.

On the relationship of Georgia Tech head coach Chan Gailey…

I know Chan very well. He is a good football coach and a tremendous person. I got to know Chan through the Dolphins and even before that.

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