DL Wants to Visit UM

Sunrise (Fla.) Piper standout defensive lineman Vlad Richard knew he'd face a lot of double teams this season. However, he never expected the triple action. "In our first game against Flanagan, they just ran the other way from me the entire night," Richard said.

"Therefore they really didn't need to use many double teams. But then check this out. Against Stranahan, I had a tight end blocking me. I had a tackle blocking me. If I was able to split that double team, the fullback would be there waiting for me. It was crazy. I kept splitting (the double team) but the fullback got me a few times."

At 6-foot-4 and 270 pounds (up 255 from the summer), Richard has been causing havoc in opposing backfields this season for 1-1 Piper.

"I've been dominating though," he said. "I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm really having fun. I've also been playing some fullback and tight end but I really haven't been getting the ball a whole lot because our defense has been on the field so much through the first two games. That should start to change this week against Everglades and next week against Plantation."

In addition to winning, Richard is looking forward to the matchup against Plantation. They have their own defensive lineman, Jeff Owens, who is getting a lot of pub.

"It'll be a battle," he said. "We'll see who comes out on top of that one. He's a good player but I just think I'm on a different level."

The talented lineman made a summer commitment to the University of Florida but that hasn't stopped several coaches from calling him this month.

"I'm still committed to Florida but I'm gonna take some other visits just to make sure I'm making the right decision," he said. "I know for sure that I'm gonna visit Florida, NC State, and Georgia. I'm supposed to visit Ohio State also. Then I'm still checking around for that last one. Florida State kinda backed off when I committed to Florida but they're starting to get interested in. I wanna visit Miami but I really haven't gotten any calls from them lately, just a lot of letters."

Richard said if the Hurricanes were to start calling again, he'd certainly be interested.

"They're Miami," he said. "They produce and then they just reload. I'm gonna try to hit up a few of their games this season. I wanted to be at the Florida State game but when it got rescheduled, I wasn't able to make it because of our own game."

The standout senior said he plans on being at three Florida games this season (Arkansas and LSU at home and Florida State on the road). At this point, the Gators are still the team to beat.

"I'm still committed but I gotta see what else is out there," he said. "I'll know for sure after my visits."

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