Getting the Job Done

Quadtrine Hill knows how to fill in wherever he is needed. Hill, a perfect blend of power and speed, gets most of his playing time as the third down back and sees spot time at fullback. Although stats don't reflect his value, Hill is a key contributor.

Hill is the definition of the perfect third down back. At 6-2, 221 pounds He is an extra blocker in the game for critical third down protection. He excels at running routes, has soft hands, and gets the critical rushing yards when he has to.

"I'm pretty much the third down back this year. They use me a lot for picking up blitzes, running routes and getting some third down runs," Hill said. "I'm big, fast, and physical. I've done a lot of blocking since I have been here. I have good hands, and I run decent routes. I pretty much like to do it all, I don't like to have a point in my game that is stronger than something else."

Statistics do not accurately depict how valuable Quadtrine is to the offense. The protection he gives when picking up the blitz is what sets him apart from the other backs. However, when Hill does get his touches he makes the most of it. On the season Hill has 40 yards on 8 carries and 21 receiving yards on 5 catches.

"When I get the ball, I get my opportunities and try to take advantage of it," said Hill. "If you give me the ball, I'm gonna get the yards that I need to get. If it's 3rd down and 5, I'm gonna make sure I get the 5 first before I get more. Or if it's a blitz I'm gonna pick up the blitz. I gotta make sure I get the job done on third down."

While the Hurricanes third down conversion percentage is lower than they like (30%), Hill saw improvements from the offense based on last weeks 27-3 win at Georgia Tech.

"The offense is moving forward. We improved a lot during the offseaon, and then we kinda slowed down (the first couple games), but I think we are picking it back up to the form had gotten to this last offseason. I feel these next few games we'll get to the level that we want to be at, and we will be unstoppable," Hill said.

Quadtrine knows that in order to win, the offense will need a balanced attack. He is encouraged so far by the production of both Frank Gore and the improving offensive line. Though the offensive line has struggled at times this season he thinks they are starting to gel, and will be fine even with the loss of Eric Winston.

"Frank is looking good. If the O-line blocks, Frank is going to run. As long as everybody gets there man Frank is going to break tackles, and make someone miss and get his yards. The O-line is starting to come together. They have been a lot tighter this year than last year, losing a guy like Eric Winston is going to hurt, but it's not going to hurt (us) as much as it would another team. We have people ready to back him up who know what they have to do."

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