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As most people know by now, it's been a hectic season for most of Palm Beach County due to the hurricanes that came through the area earlier this year. Boynton Beach is one of the schools who have played just one football game so far this season. And linebacker Baxter Grisby doesn't like it.

"Man, we lost four games off our schedule because of it," Grisby said. "I can't believe it. We've played one game so far and we only have five left, four district games. This is my senior year -- what I've been waiting a long time for and this is what I get? Six games? Come on. But, hey, there's nothing I can do about it."

Unfortunately for Grisby's opponents this season, there's probably going to be little they can do against his defense.

"We played Jupiter and I had 12 tackles," he said. "Man, I was everywhere. I was just able to adapt to whatever they were doing. Whether it was running sweeps away from me or coming straight at me, I was cleaning everything up."

The talented linebacker said he got a little extra motivation before the game that allowed him to play so well that night.

"I found out Coach Shannon from Miami was at the game," he said. "When I found that out, I knew I had to go out and do my thing, show him what's up."

Grisby, 6-1 and 225 pounds, said Shannon was there to check out him and Jupiter defensive end Courtney Harris. He talked about the performance Harris gave.

"He played really well actually," he said. "He had a couple sacks, a bunch of tackles for loss, and I think he recovered a fumble. We didn't block him too well. He's big and really fast. He just keeps coming and coming. I'm sure Coach Shannon liked what he did that night."

Grisby said coaches from four different programs have been calling him on a regular basis over the last month or so.

"Coach Cristobal from Miami calls every week," he said. "I also get calls each week from Minnesota, Bowling Green, and West Virginia. Pittsburgh's my only offer but I really haven't heard as much from them lately it seems like."

Grisby has been recruited by Miami since the early part of the spring.

"I remember Coach Cristobal came to one of our practices in the spring," he said. "It was crazy. I'd make a big play or whatever and I'd look over and he'd be jumping up and down going crazy. He called me on the phone that same night and was real excited. He talked about me coming to camp, seeing how much interest I had and things like that. He's real fun to talk to. He has a lot of energy. They're just waiting on more film from later this season and the hurricane has backed that up a lot. I'm really hoping I get one (an offer) from Miami."

Grisby was at the FSU/Miami game earlier this season and came away very impressed with the Hurricanes.

"They never stopped fighting," he said. "It's like they had it the whole time. It's crazy how Miami can lose so many guys to the pros like that and come back with a defense that's just as good. That shows you right there how much talent they have."

Speaking of having lots of talent, Grisby was asked about the depth charts of the programs he's considering.

"It doesn't really matter but it's something I'll look at," he said. "It's always good to know which teams have seniors leaving and how many juniors will be coming back or whatever. But if someone like Miami offered, man, that would be great."

On a side note, Grisby mentioned Antone Smith while we were discussing other players in the area.

"We had gone to the same camp over the summer," he said. "He's a good player. He's just so quick and fast, it's hard to make any plays on him. I imagine he's just running by people this year. His speed is for real."

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