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Third ranked Miami remains undefeated with a 41-38 win over Louisville Thursday night. Miami came back in the second half from a 31-14 deficit. Frank Gore scored the winning touchdown with under a minute remaining in the game. We spoke to a varity of players following the win to get their reactions.

QB Brock Berlin

Overall thoughts on the game:
"It was a great victory for our team tonight. It shows the type of character our team has. I am very proud of our offensive line. Those guys played very well tonight and helped make this victory happen."

On suffering an injury in the first half:
"I never even considered coming out of the game. I did not want to come out. I was hurting pretty bad. The doctors looked at it at half-time and I was cleared to keep playing."

On the Louisville team:
"Louisville is a very good team and they did a lot of good things out on the field tonight."

WR Darnell Jenkins

Overall thoughts on the game:
"We have been in this situation before and we knew how to handle ourselves throughout the situation. We just had to keep our heads, focus, and just play."

On if playing with just four receivers made a difference:
"It didn't make a difference. Coach Swasey, CJ, Werner, and Coker made sure we had to be in shape. We practiced hard. We did a lot of diamonds in practice—with four receivers. We practiced all week with the quarterbacks after practice so we were used to it."

On having a good week in practice and feeling like this could be a breakout game:
"Yeah, I felt it because I knew every drive I was going to have to go in. All I thought about was ‘I have to make a play.'"

On making a number of catches and picking up yards after the catch:
"I just forgot about the big plays and I tried to make something out of the small plays. The main thing was to get first downs and keep the chains moving."

Thoughts before the big fourth down completion in the final drive:
"When the ball was snapped I thought to myself ‘just go to the first down marker and if the ball comes my way, catch it.' And that is what I did."

On having added confidence for the offense:
"It feels real good because we showed what we can do tonight against a good defense and a good team. Now we just have to keep it up."

DB Devin Hester

On the punt return for a touchdown:
"My teammates got me in position to make the play - I really have to give credit to my blockers."

On having the opening kickoff of the second half called back:
"After the first one was called back, my teammates told me to keep my head up because they knew I would get another chance. I told myself that if I got another opportunity I was going to make another play."

CB Marcus Maxey

Overall thoughts on the game:
"First I just want to thank God for being with us and keeping our heads strong. We have been here before and we knew it was going to be tough to come back. We had to come back a lot in the second half and we did what the coaches asked to do—play assignment football."

Overall thoughts on the play of the secondary:
"We didn't play as good as we would have liked to in the first half. We buckled down and got after it in the second half."

On the adjustments the defense made at halftime:
"The things we messed up in the first half was stressed by our coaching staff. The main thing we needed to do was to communicate and make sure nobody was missing anything. It wasn't really any trick plays."

On the intensity of the fourth quarter:
"It was really intense. Not too long ago we were in the same situation against Florida State. Everybody just says ‘we are not going to lose this game.' That is what we did and we worked hard out there. They weren't a pushover or anything like that. We fought hard and we had more heart than they did."

K Jon Peattie

Overall thoughts on the game:
"What a feeling to come back the way we did and it was a great game. We know we are a fourth quarter team and we weren't panicking. We knew we could come back. It was a great for us. It was a big emotional win for us. It brings up my confidence by making the kicks and it was a good win for our team."

On making two field goals and two extra points in the fourth quarter during the comeback:

"Normally I like to get field goals early in the game to get a good feel, but that is not how it worked tonight. Making the two field goals in the fourth quarter. It feels like I haven't made two consecutive field goals all season. When the games get close I try not to think about it and just kick."

On the importance of special teams in this game:
We had a really good game plan coming into this game. We came up with some trick plays and we executed nearly all of them the way we wanted to. It was a great feeling accomplishing all of our goals."

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