Joel Rodriguez Q&A

Senior Joel Rodriguez is the team's starting center and took time to discuss the offense, North Carolina State defense, and Devin Hester. Miami faces North Carolina State tonight at 7:45.

How is the team able to comeback late in games?

For us, I think it is the conditioning. Our strength coaches do a great job of preparing us in the summer. There are games when you are not going to play well. Sometimes the fourth quarter we need to come back. It is just the mentality we have as a team and a game is never over.

What are your thoughts on how the Louisville game went from both sides of the ball?

Our defense can stop anybody and our offense can put up a lot of points if we need to. I am sure the defense will bounce back because I don't see it happening twice in a season, but if need be we will score points again.

What is the feeling like scoring 41 points to win a close game?

I would say this is the first time in the past two years that the offense helped out the defense for a change. It is a good feeling and you can walk around with your head held high.

What are your thoughts on the North Carolina State defense?

They are a big-time defense across the board with their blitzes and front four. I would say they are going to be the toughest defense we have faced this year. they are a good defense with athletes across the board. The key with their defense is to communicate amongst the line with their blitzes.

How is your hamstring?

It is fine. I can play and it doesn't hold me back. It gets tweaked every now and again. No one in the country is completely healthy at this point in the season. Everyone is dinged up and has minor injuries. We just have to play through it.

What are your thoughts on Devin Hester?

Wow, he is amazing. He is probably the fastest guy in the country. It is good to know that the team will get decent field position when he is back returning kicks and punts. We haven't had to put together 80-yard drives this season, most of them have been 50 to 60-yard drives. He is the x-factor for our team right now.

Were you surprised Louisville kicked to him?

I am surprised they did especially with him returning the kickoff before it was called back. I don't foresee him seeing too many opportunities the rest of the season.

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