DL Talks Academics

It doesn't get any bigger than Carol City/Northwestern in south Florida. The two programs are both battling for a district title and this Friday's game will go a long way towards determining that. One player who is fired up about the game is Carol City's Ricky Jean-Francois.

"We are starting to come together," he said. "Our offense is making strides and our defense is starting to gel. This is a big test. It's the biggest game of the season so far. I can't wait."

The talented defensive lineman spent the first part of the season playing end but now he's inside at tackle.

"I've played there before when I was about 230 pounds," he said. "Now I'm 255 and I know my responsibility. I'm getting a lot more double teams this year and even sometimes the fullback (will be a third blocker) on me. I'm doing a better job this year of doing my job and keeping the runners where they need to be."

Jean-Francois also got good news on the academic front this past week.

"We just got our report cards and I got four B's and two A's," he said. "I'm trying to bring my GPA up. It was a 2.2 before summer school (where he replaced a "D" with a "B" grade) so I'm sure it's higher now. I took the FCAT recently and I am taking the ACT on Saturday. I'm coming straight home and going to bed after the game Friday. I need to score well."

Jean-Francois will likely need a 18 or 19 on that test to become qualified, assuming he passes the FCAT test.

"I knew going into the year that my grades were going to be real important," he said. "I've done well in my classes, I think I did good on FCAT, and I know I'm gonna do well on the test Saturday."

At 6-foot-3 and 255 pounds, Jean-Francois hasn't had the same amount of recruiting calls lately as he was getting early on.

"The three that call every week still are NC State, USC, and Florida," he said. "They call every week, talk about setting up an official visit."

The Hurricanes had been actively recruiting Jean-Francois until recently.

"Maybe I've been missing their calls or something, I dont know," he said. "I haven't heard from Coach Shannon or Miami in a long time. I hope they still have interest in me."

Jean-Francois plans on being at the Clemson game on Nov. 6 and he hopes to get some answers that day.

"I'll try to find out if they're still interested in me," he said. "If they are, then Miami's still at the top. If not, I need to look at the ones who are showing the most interest right now."

The talented defender has been watching the Canes closely, including the game against Louisville.

"That was a good game," he said. "Miami's offense came alive. Hopefully they keep it like that. On defense, not everyone was hitting the right holes and making sure of their assignments. It's something they should be able to get corrected."

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