Kevin Everett Q&A

Kevin Everett is a senior tight end from Port Arthur, Texas, which is nearly 90 miles from Houston. Currently he is second on the team in receptions with 15 and has 219 yards receiving. He has already exceeded his totals from last season when he caught nine passes for 90 yards. Everett took time to answer questions about the team and his personality.

How is the offense coming along?

It is going real good. I am feeling real comfortable with what is going on with the offense. All of the guys have a good relationship out there. We are communicating real well. I have no complaints.

How well is the offense communicating?

The offense is communicating real well. We are out there making line calls by calling out the defense. We just have to keep on doing it so we stay on the same page.

The passing game has improved over the past three games, what has been a key reason?

With the passing game we are just giving Brock more time to throw the ball. Sometimes he gets sack, but he is getting more time to look downfield.

What did you want to focus on with your game heading into the season?

I just wanted to concentrate on things one at a time. First I might concentrate on my blocking and then to my catching. Just focusing in on working on the jugs after practice.

What was it like growing up in Port Arthur, Texas?

It was basically just football and me always wanting to play football. I would play sports all of the time. When I wasn't in school I was playing sports and competing all the time with everybody around me.

When did you know you could play at this level?

When it was real easy on the field. Just running over guys and running by guys who are a lot smaller than me. Just doing a lot of crazy stuff on the field.

How close are you with the rest of your teammates?

We are pretty close. We hang out. Whenever the offensive line wants to go out to eat, we go out to eat. We just hang out and laugh a lot like any other team does.

How would you describe your personality?

I am just a low-key guy. I have been like that my whole life. My mom always taught me to be like that. She told me if I am going to do stuff, then just do it my by yourself. You can't get into any trouble like that.

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