The Friday Stock Report: 10/29

With the presidential election only four days away this week's edition of <i>The Friday Stock Report</i> features members of the University of Miami football team if they were to form a presidential cabinet. Find out who would be the president, vice-president, and important cabinet members in this interesting combination of sports and politics.

President – Brock Berlin (QB-Louisiana)

A hard-working, tough-minded individual that never gets rattled despite tough times and will do whatever he has to do get the job done. The adversity throughout his collegiate football career makes him better prepared for this particular role. When he talks, people listen. When he leads, people follow.

Vice President – Chris Myers (OL-Florida)

Myers, a political science major, is one of five players that have been with the team since 2000. He is one of the vocal leaders on the team and many of his teammates foresee coaching in his future. He has a solid relationship with Berlin and would be able to provide him with support and additional knowledge in a variety of subjects.

Attorney General – Sinorice Moss (WR-Florida)

One of the reasons Moss chose to be criminology major was because of things he was aware of growing up. Integrity and respect are two qualities Moss possesses and he would be sure to enforce the law. He is one of the characters on the team that his teammates enjoy being around. A very coachable player who does whatever is asked of him and continues to strive to be the best.

Secretary of Commerce – Kelly Jennings (CB-Florida)

Jennings has been learning about the science of managing money in his four years at the university as a finance major. Last year he was named to the Big East All-Academic Team and the year before he was named a Verizon Academic All-American. He is a quiet leader on the team and would be an adequate choice to handle any business or economic concerns that would come his way.

Secretary of Defense – Tyler McMeans (OL-Pennsylvania)

McMeans spent four years with the Marines primarily in a unit specializing in closed-quarters battle operations. As the only player on the team with former service experience, he is more qualified for this respectable position. He is a very quick learner that asks a variety of questions to get the information he would need to be successful.

Secretary of Energy – Brandon Meriweather (FS-Florida)

One of the most energetic players on the field earns the honors for the position as the Secretary of Energy. It is a bit of a stretch, but Meriweather would be able to handle it. A criminology major in charge of authoring a variety of legislations in an important economic sector? Sure, why not.

Secretary of Labor – Frank Gore (RB-Florida)

Who knows more about labor than Mr. Gore? Gore has bounced back as the team's leading rusher after two ACL injuries the past two seasons. Not only has he persevered on the football field, but in the classroom as well. He will earn his degree this year—something he will forever cherish. Have a problem with getting people to work? Just send them to Mr. Gore.

Secretary of State – Eric Winston (OL-Texas)

Winston, a finance major, is an individual that "knows a lot about everything" according to his teammates. He is never short on words or ideas providing his teammates, coaches, and the media well thought out answers to a variety of questions. The Midland-native is an imposing figure that can be intimidating for many.

Secretary of Transportation – Darnell Jenkins (WR-Florida)

Jenkins has been seen on campus riding around on a scooter—definitely a necessity when in charge of transportation. And so far he has been accident-free (something that kept Tanard Davis out of the role). Don't worry, that is not his only source of transportation, he also drives a car. A variety of ways to get around is perfect for the spokesperson of transportation.

Secretary of the Treasury – Quadtrine Hill (RB-Florida)

Hill has admitted school comes easy for him—not bad for someone who could earn a masters in business administration. So creating jobs and strengthening economic growth should be easy for him. Like the rest of his cabinet-mates, he is a hard-worker and would be successful in any position he would be in.

***Take action and vote on Election Day, November 2nd.***

Christopher Stock is a Staff Writer for CanesTime and can be contacted by emailing him at

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