Practice Notes: 10/28

The Hurricanes finalized preparations for their visit back to North Carolina to face the Tar Heels this weekend. Miami (6-0) is currently a 21 point favorite over North Carolina (3-4).


"Today was a good day. This has been a good week of practice. Definitely what has been encouraging is that I have seen improvement this week, which is nice to see this time of year because sometimes you can get a little stale. I dont think we are. I think we know we have work to do and that we need to get better."

On having a good week of practice:
"I think they want to be better. We are executing better on offense and defense. Getting back on special teams and we made a lot of mistakes last week. We have got that corrected."

Final thoughts on North Carolina:
"I think we are going up against a good offensive team with a little bit of a misleading defense with them giving up some yards. They are playing some great offensive teams. What I have seen is they tend to win the night games at home. They have beat some very good teams in North Carolina State and I think Georgia Tech is a good team. We know what we are in for."

On how OL Derrick Morse has looked this week:
"Good. I say that, but he is a redshirt freshman. He wont play his best football on Saturday, but he is ready to play. The thing about Derrick that I like is that he plays hard and that gives you a chance."

On the starting wide receiver opposite of WR Roscoe Parrish:
"That is a good question, but right now it would be Lance Leggett. You know how that has been, they are all going to play. It has been a receiver by committee and we need them to play. And we might start with three wide receivers."

On if he has spoken to DT Santonio Thomas after surgery:
No, I have not spoken with him, but I think everything is going well.

On the nature of Thomas's surgery:
I wont go into the nature of the surgery. Again, all indications point towards him being back by the end of the season.


* OL Joel Rodriguez practiced today (knee) and will start on Saturday at center.

* LB Leon Williams will be the team's middle linebacker if they go to a 4-3 front, but they could play a lot of nickel like they have in previous weeks thus eliminating the middle linebacker position.

* OL Tyler McMeans injured his knee last week against North Carolina State and is in a cast with crutches this week. He is expected to be back by the end of the season and at this point according to Coker he will not need surgery.

* CB Devin Hester will have an offensive package every week whether it be at wide receiver, running back, or wherever else they want to line him up at. This package started in practice last week leading up to the N.C. State game.

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