Speed & Quickness

No longer just a punt and kickoff returner, wide receiver Roscoe Parrish led Miami in the offensive explosion during their 45-31 thrashing of N.C. State with two touchdowns on four receptions for 81 yards. Parrish looks to continue his successful season this week as the Canes face the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Roscoe Parrish may not be your typical number one option at wide receiver. At 5 feet nine inches and 172 pounds, Parrish will not overwhelm opponents with his size. What Parrish lack in size he makes up for it with his heart, speed, and quickness.

Parrish's stats speak for themselves. So far this season, Parrish leads the team with five touchdowns, 18 receptions, and 266 receiving yards. It has become no secret that the quarterbacks and receivers are putting in extra time after practice. Parrish attributes his production to the work he has put in.

"It has been going on in practice between the receivers and the quarterbacks getting on the same page," Parrish said. "Then after practice we run a variety of routes catching pass to get on the same page. Brock and I worked hard over the summer and we did the little things that we wanted to carry over onto the field. We wanted to eliminate mistakes and watch film together and do everything together to get to know each other to be on the same page. We have that type of a special relationship."

"Right now Brock and I are the closest we have ever been. We talk all the time and we call each other at night. When we are on the field and something doesn't work, I might go to him on the sideline and say we should run a certain route because of the defense."

Roscoe is an inspiration to his teammates on and off the field. He is looked at as the leader of the receiving corp. Parrish has flourished under the leadership of receivers coach Curtis Johnson.

"This season, I took it upon myself to be a leader of the receiver corps," Parrish said. "We work hard as a unit and I try to do the same. We want to work hard each and every day. I have learned a lot from coach C.J. I learned a lot about defenses and different coverages, routes, when to plant, and all the other little things."

Roscoe earned his teammates respect after the FSU game last season. During that game Parrish suffered a violent hit and was rushed to the hospital with a serious lung injury, and stayed there most of the week. The Miami native showed his heart by returning two games later, finishing a solid season at receiver and punt returner. Parrish says that big hits are just a part of football.

"Getting hit is going to happen. That is football. You are going to get hit like that. You can't feel sorry for yourself. If you don't strive to be the best you are going to have a hard time being successful. I take it personal every time I step on the football field because of my size. People look at my size and think I am too small. I just go hard and go hard on every play."

Earlier in the season Parrish lost his punt returning duties to the amazing Devin Hester. Parrish has no animosity or jealousy about the job Hester has done. All Parrish wants to do is win. As long as Parrish can find the end zone, he is doing his part to help the team.

"Devin is doing a good job. He is helping the team out on both sides of the ball because he changes the game. Devin changed the momentum of the game against Louisville. By returning kickoffs and punts he is helping the offense and defense. It feels good to (me to) get in the end zone and being consistent at wide receiver. It feels real good to help contribute to the offense."

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