UM Press Conference - Part 2

In part two of Larry Coker's press conference focuses on the defense. He talked about the intensity on defense, making changes in personnel, and if they will be able to turn it around.

On playing with intensity on defense:

We have to realize the energy level we have to play with and how hard it is to win a football game. I don't care if it is North Carolina didn't have a good record or not and we were supposed to win the game, but it doesn't work that way. It might work that way in the media, with your wife, or with your friends, but when you get out there and play with 60,000 of their fans and two weeks to prepare and a top team in the country, and playing for an NFL draft choice you better strap it on and be ready to go. We are not good enough and I don't know if anyone I have seen in the country is good enough to win because they are just so much better than everyone else.

On the energy level of the team:

I think we were embarrassed by our performance. We did practice well, but for some reason we did not get that carried over to the game. Whether it is we felt we would win the game and not expound that much energy—I don't know and I don't have the answer to that. That is my fault and my job to get the team ready to play.

On if the defense can turn it around in one week:

We turned it around the other way in one week. I would think we can turn it around the good way in one week. We are going to plan on doing that. If anyone would have said in three games that your quarterback is playing great and your defense is struggling, we would have been shocked—and we are. But yes I think we can turn it around. We have to coach better and we have to play better. That is the way you turn it around. We are not going to wishing and hoping, we are going to go to work. We have to get our players to believe and get the bad taste behind us and move forward.

On chasing on defense as opposed to attacking:

I think that is pretty well said. We are not really attacking and getting off of blocks like we did earlier. It is not a scheme change. We are not playing with the same type of intensity. It seems like we are more searching than attacking. We have got to get back to what we are good at and what makes the defense work. We have to get back to the scheme and we have go to play better and coach better.

On possibly playing tentative on defense:

I think maybe a little bit unsure. Maybe a little tentative. You can't play defense that way. You have to be reckless and attack people. If you make a mistake, you make a mistake, but we have got to make plays.

On making changes in personnel:

We may move some guys around. I don't think you will see wholesale changes. I think we are thin in some areas and we know that. I think we can play better and we will evaluate as the week goes on to see what gives us the best opportunity to win.

On teams having success with crossing routes and using the middle of the field:

I think we have to and we have to play better and coach better. Sometimes we open up the middle of the field because of poor technique that we are using. I think that is thing we have to make sure we continue to coach and work on to get better. That is tough to do. It is a big field. If you watched our offense against the North Carolina defense we did the same thing. We had some big plays and some short passes that the receivers made big plays on. Those are things we have to prevent and we have to put pressure on the quarterback. Any quarterback in this league can play pass and catch if you don't put pressure on him.

On if Louisville exposed some things on defense:

I don't think there is any doubt about it. It is a copycat league. We do the same thing. We see what hurts teams and if it is part of our philosophy then we definitely utilize those things. There is nothing that we haven't seen. It is not they re-invented football. There are some things we have seen a number of times. North Carolina has a good offensive football team and when you have a quarterback like that with a hot hand it can cause more problems because he can run.

On if stunts will be used along the defensive line for more success:

I don't know if stunts will really do it. The things you have to do are be disciplined and take responsibility. There was an option play by North Carolina and we didn't have anybody on the quarterback. We had a player assigned to the quarterback, but he didn't take the quarterback. The thing we have to do is do our responsibilities, do our job, and play with a lot of energy and emotion. We are not right now.

On if SS Greg Threat having 17 tackles is too many:

We are just killing our secondary. That is too many tackles. We have to do a better job up front. Their running back did a good job getting up field, but had a free reign on a lot of the runs too.

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