Brock Berlin Q&A

Quarterback Brock Berlin answered questions about last game against North Carolina and this week against Clemson. On the season Berlin has thrown for 1,587 yards, 15 touchdowns, and four interceptions while completing 58 percent of his passes.

What are your thoughts on Clemson?

They are a good team. They are real physical group of guys and have done a lot of good things this year. They are a good football team. We know that it is going to be a battle, but we'll be ready.

How important is homecoming against Clemson this week?

It is a big game for us. It is big for the school. It is big for everybody. We hope to have a great crowd there. The big thing is we want to come out and perform well.

How would you describe the mood of the team the past few days?

It is tough with a loss, but I think guys understand it is over with and in the past and now we are looking forward to Clemson.

How much does it hurt that the running game stalled last game?

You want to be able to get the running game going and we will. That is something we didn't do real well the other night, but I know that we can because we have all year. That is just something we want to work on each week to improve.

After completing passes to 11 different receivers last game, are you seeing the field better now?

I think the big thing is understanding the offense. I have a good understanding of how to run the offense and we have guys getting open. I just have to get them the football and that is what I am trying to do.

WR Roscoe Parrish has scored six touchdowns in the last four games, how much has he helped the team?

He has done a great job and keeps making plays for us. We have always known he is a big-time player and I think he will keep it going. Roscoe and I talk a lot during the week about different plays that we want to do in the game. There have been plenty of times where I have told him in the huddle to get open and it will be a touchdown and you see his eyes get big because he knows it. He is doing a great job for us.

How much has TE Greg Olsen helped the offense this season?

He is doing some big things for us. He is stepping up and making a lot of big plays, him and Kevin Everett. They help each other out. They both are big targets that catch the ball and run well. Greg has done a great job for us and I have total confidence in him.

How uncharacteristic was it to see Olsen not come up with some catches he usually makes?

That is not Greg, but that is going to happen. I am going to throw a bad pass and he is going to drop one. Everyone is going to drop a ball and that is definitely not like him, but he is not perfect and won't make every play. He kept on fighting and made big plays for us the other night and will continue to make big plays for us.

How confident are you with the offensive line in giving you time to throw?

I have said this before, but I wouldn't want to be play for any other group of guys. They are the best offensive line in the country. They are doing an excellent job this year. They are stepping up this year and seeing things like blitzes. I am proud of those guys and it is a lot of fun out there playing with them.

How did OL Derrick Morse do in his first collegiate start at right guard?

He did a good job. It's hard to step up in the middle of the year and be a starter, but he did a great job. I am proud of him and we know he will just get better.

How much would like CB Devin Hester involved with the offense?

We would like to get him involved as much as we can. It showed the other night what he can do. We'd like to create some situations for him. When he is on the field we will be looking for him. We'd like to get him involved and give him as many touches as we can.

How are you feeling injury-wise right now?

A little banged up, but that is kind of the way it is right now. Everyone is a little banged up. You have to play with a little pain and that is kind of the way it is. I am a little sore, but you have to go on with it.

What did you hurt on the one particular play in which the trainers came out, was it your shoulder or your chest?

A little bit of both. My sternum has been bruised up the past few weeks and a little bit of my shoulder too.

What is your mindset during the games when you do get banged up, but decide not to come out?

The biggest thing is I try to be the toughest guy out there. I feel like being the leader of the offense that I don't want to come out of the game unless I cant walk I wont come out of the game. Part of it is you just endure the pain and keep going. Everybody is a little banged up.

Last year you guys lost two in a row, how are you going to make sure that doesn't happen again?

We are going to play the way we have been playing. We have to stay together and we are going to be fine. I have total faith in our defense that they are going to play well. They are a big-time defense and they are a good defense. That was a tough loss for us, but we are a team here. It is not about offense and not about defense, it is about us and we are going to go out and play well as a team.

Does the team have the understanding that you guys control your own destiny with the ACC and a BCS berth?

We are taking it one game at a time. We are not worried about the rest of the season. We are worried about Clemson. You have to win one to win the next one. That is our focus right now.

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