Middle Man

It is no secret that the University of Miami will need more production out of their centers in the 2004-2005 season in order to be successful in the ACC. Center Glenn Batemon is a new contributor who will look to bring production and consistency to the center position this year.

When Glenn Batemon arrived at the University of Miami campus, the Hurricanes knew they were getting somebody big, but they didn't think he was that big. Batemon arrived on campus a little over a year ago at 387 pounds. Since then, the 6-11 center has "slimed down", losing 55 pounds. Batemon said it was just a basic diet that allowed him to lose the weight.

"The secret to losing the weight is focus," Batemon said. "I had a lot o bad habits that I had to break. We tried a lot of different things. It was very hard to find something that would suit me and help me lose weight. We just reduced the amount of intake calories and burned calories, just the basics worked best."

So far Coach Frank Haith has been impressed by Batemon's basketball skills and work ethic. He is impressed by Batemon's hands and the effort he puts into his conditioning. Though Batemon has made big steps regarding his weight, Haith would like to see Batemon lose even more weight.

"The problem is getting him down there so he can score, and getting him back down the other end," Haith said. "If we are able to get him where he needs to be, he can help us, because he is a presence. We don't have a lot of size on this team, and having him in the middle, taking up some space would be very helpful. He does extra running, time on the bike, to continue his conditioning. Now we have to get him to watch his diet."

Coming out of high school in Detroit, Batemon was a highly recruited prospect. Batemon went on to prep school for a year and then transferred to Fordham, where he played under Coach Bob Hill. In Batemon's sophomore year he started all 28 games, averaging 10.4 points and 5.6 rebounds per game. When Coach Hill left Fordham Batemon decided to leave also and transfered to Miami. After sitting out the last season, Batemon is finally ready to contribute.

"It was a hard time last year, I'm not going to lie and say it was easy. It was a very hard time last year sitting out and watching the team go through the things we went through and not be able to help."

Batemon knows that the competition in the ACC will be much different from what he faced in the Atlantic 10 while playing at Fordham. Batemon believes that all he needs to do is get back to the basics and he should be fine.

"The ACC is a lot different than the Atlantic 10. In the ACC you can't just use raw force. In the ACC you have to be able to use finesse and a whole lot of other things."

Batemon can already see the positive effects that have come from losing all the weight. The only true center on the team, the Hurricanes will look for him to be a force down low. Batemon knows that the harder he works to maintain his weight, the bigger force he will become in Miami's up-tempo offense.

"Just being big my whole life, and not looking down at the scale. One day I turned around and looked down at the scale and said whoa, if you are going to get to the next level, you are going to have to do something. I'm going to try and get down as low as I can. It's a lot easier on my knees. I wanna keep the strength, but get down as low as I can."

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