Locker Room Report

Following Miami's second straight defeat WR Sinorice Moss and LB Tavares Gooden discussed the loss in the locker room. There were a number of guys upset, dissapointed, and frustrated with their performance.

WR Sinorice Moss

Overall thoughts on the game:
Right now I am upset. You have to give credit to Clemson. They came out and fought hard—we did too, but unfortunately they came out on top. We just have to prepare ourselves for Virginia next week. I know it is another loss, but we have to keep driving on.

On the difference of the two halves for the offense:
There were a lot of plays that we needed to execute on that we didn't. That is why you practice. We are going to work on those things that we messed up on.

On experiencing back-to-back losses, but staying positive for the remainder of the season:
We have to keep working hard and driving on. Nobody can stop you from what you are going to do. These two losses can't stop you from doing what you are going to do. These two losses can't hinder our season. These two losses will show our true character. We have to come out and win the rest of our game and it would show strong character. We can't worry about the past, things happen. We have to come out here and execute. We have to make big plays that win football games.

On the hardest part about this loss:
Just the thought of losing. And losing at home. We don't lose at home. We don't lose period. It is nothing that we want to do and anything we like to do, but it happens.

On if the attitude was different on the sidelines than in games in which the team came back and won:
Everybody was still positive and still pushing on. We knew we had an opportunity and a chance to come back and win this football game.

On the upcoming week of practice:
We just need to go out there and work harder. We have to out there and make plays. The big plays and the little plays. We have to make plays to win football games. That is why we came here—to win football games. And that is what we need to start doing.

LB Tavares Gooden

Overall thoughts on the game:
It is just frustration. We are going to go for something so we just have to go out there and just play. The season is not over yet. We still have four more games. This one is over. I am not happy right now. I am angry we lost, but we have to win the ACC. That is the thing—we have to put ourselves in a position to win the ACC. Our goals are not over yet.

On if there was a difference in practice this week:
We practiced pretty hard this week. Everybody was flying around and everybody did their assignments. We just came down to toughness and heart. That is why everyone was saying whoever had the most heart in this game would win.

On the hardest part about this loss:
The hardest thing is not being yourself this game. You practice hard all week and grind throughout the week and then you lose. We were up 17-3 and we let it slip away and we couldn't do anything about it and it is tough.

On the overall play of the linebackers unit:
We can always get better. The defensive line and secondary helped us out a lot. We have to get better as a unit each week.

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