Post Game Press Conference

Head coach Larry Coker addressed the media in a press conference following a 24-17 loss to Clemson in overtime.

Opening Statement:
As I told the team, in the second half, they made plays and we didn't make plays. They did what they had to do to win the game. It was a team loss, on offense, defense, special teams. This will really test us because we haven't lost a lot, and now we have lost back to back games. This will really be a big test on our football team. I think we'll respond, I think we'll come back and fight and prepare. And if we do that we'll have a chance of winning more. It's extremely disappointing. We looked like two different teams in the first half and second half.

Was the last play pass interference?
Well it wasn't called, but I thought that it was.

What happened to the running game in the second half?
Well I think that Frank got banged up a little bit. I didn't think we blocked well in the second half. It really caused us some problems and I think we need to block a little bit better.

What adjustments did you make in your defense from last wee to this week?
I think the thing we did was we tried to make them look more one dimensional and we tried to stop the run. I thought for the most part we did that. We also played a little more zone defense than we did in the past.

What did you think about the pass interference call against your team?
I thought it was a good call. From my vantage point I thought it was a good call.

What does a loss do on the team's psyche?
Well it depends on whose psyche you're talking about. But as a team, certainly it affects your general football team. Like I said, it will be a good test.

What did you tell your team last year after losing back to back games?
Then we just challenged our players. We are going to have to work. That is exactly what we are going to have to do this year is move forward.

Have injuries affected you?
I think it really did. We got some guys that are out. We also got some guys that are playing that are not really 100%. I think there is no doubt about it, we have been hit pretty good in certain areas for sure.

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