Scout Team Offense

The scout team offense consists of freshmen redshirting, walk-ons, and players behind a number of guys on the depth chart. Graduate assistant Clint Hurtt serves as the scout team offensive coach and took time to discuss each player and how they are doing.

"We have came along ways and gotten a lot better," offensive scout team coach Clint Hurtt said. "We go through a transition period with a lot of these guys. They were all the best players at their high schools and even their states and highly recruited. Now they understand they are not going to have a chance to play and just be on the scout team. sometimes it is an easy transition and some kids, not that they want to get used to it, are better at making that adjustment. They had fought through the first couple of weeks and now they realize how important they are to the team. That is one of the hardest things is realizing how valuable they are to us. If they don't play with effort and tempo it puts us at a disadvantage in the games."

Hurtt served as a strength and conditioning assistant in 2001 and 2002 before being a graduate assistant in 2003. He was a three-year letterman as a defensive lineman at Miami. Along with serving as the scout team offensive coach he works with the defensive line during individual drills. He understands how valuable the first year is for young players.

"For the young guys, you don't want to miss meetings or practices," Hurtt said. "It delays your learning process. You always learn the most your first year. you take everything you learn from meetings and technique to apply them to the practice field. It is critical to learn and be out there practicing. When you get hurt it hurts you a little bit."

Greg Laffere is also a graduate assistant and coaches the scout team defense. He also assists offensive line coach Art Kehoe in practice with individual drills.

QB Kirby Freeman (6-3, 195)
Kirby is a study. I love his character. He is a funny, funny guy. He is sometimes spastic, which I'm not too crazy about and I need him to calm down sometimes. He is so excited and competitive that he is a little high-wired. Talent-wise, I had a Kyle Wright on scout team last year, but Kirby is right at where Kyle was last year. I don't coach quarterbacks, but I know this, he can get guys in the huddle and guys listen to him when he talks, he commands respect from everyone around him, and he makes good decisions with the ball. He puts the ball in spots where you are going to catch the ball or it is going to be incomplete. He doesn't throw bad passes and get picked off, which is encouraging. He is extremely athletic and he reminds me of Kenny Kelly with his athleticism. He can do some things with his feet and is tough as nails. He can take a hit and keep on coming after you. I tell you what, when he gets his opportunity to be at the reigns here, we wont be disappointed. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: Backup to Kyle Wright

QB Trey Burklin* (6-3, 210)
Burklin is quarterback and Kirby and him split some reps there, but Trey has played wide receiver and tight end for us. There are a lot of teams that play two tight end sets and we put Trey there for a little extra speed. He made a lot of catches for us last week. I tell you what, he is so quiet and humble that if you were in a room with him, you wouldn't even notice him if you two were the only ones in there. He is a great kid and a hard-worker. It sounds redundant saying we have great kids. But they wouldn't make it here if they weren't. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: Scout team quarterback

RB Andrew Johnson (5-10, 210)
Andrew has flash. He is still maturing as a kid right now, but the sky is the limit as far as his ability. He is one of those kids that has the ability to take the ball 80 yards on any play. He has great speed and is developing as a runner. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: Should get more carries and is ahead of the other freshman running backs at this point.

RB Charlie Jones (5-11, 205)
Charlie is a damn good player. He kind of reminds me of a more athletic Dyral McMillian who was here in the 90s. He is a strong, powerful guy and can bounce off of a lot of tackles and has a little breakaway speed. Charlie is going to be a stud player for us and is hard-working kid that knows how to go about his business. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: Behind Johnson on the current depth chart and will be waiting for his turn next year also

RB Derron Thomas (5-9, 185)
He is a smaller guy and is kind of reminiscent of Clinton Portis. He is a smaller guy, but he breaks tackles. He does a great job of catching the ball out of the backfield and is a conscientious blocker even though he is not very big in stature. He has good vision and is a cutback runner. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: Could be a change of pace back, but carries will be tough to come by

RB Jeff Malley* (6-1, 185)
Jeff has been with us for a while now. He stays after guys and works. He has played everything from running back, fullback, quarterback, wide receiver, and anything you ask him to do he has done it to the best of his ability. He is a great kid, a damn good football player, and a real good athlete. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: Scout team running back

WR Khalil Jones (6-2, 210)
He has been a little nicked up and has missed some practice time with us. He is a physically imposing kid and is a good-looking wide receiver. If we can get him out here practicing we will start to see some good things. In the summer time he did some good things for us during seven-on-sevens, which was very encouraging. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: Still the seventh wide receiver on the depth chart, possible player on special teams

WR Stanley Pasley* (6-2, 210)
Stanley is kind of funny. Last year he tried to drive me absolutely nuts and I would laugh at him. I would tell him if we could get it together we might be okay. He is a good athlete, but he is just…Pasley—that is all I can say. He has finally got it together this year and is doing a good job running routes. He is actually pushing himself harder to play. Last year he was a freshman. A lot of the time with younger guys is they don't know how to push themselves. They have never had to practice like this before. He has done a great job and a really, really good job of doing what we ask of him. He works harder and harder every day. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: Scout team wide receiver

WR Rasheed Ali* (5-6, 155)
He is a small, quick, and lightning fast receiver. He makes plays and competes. He does a great job of making those defensive backs work. He has some leadership qualities and is in the other guys' ears telling them what to do and getting after them. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: Scout team wide receiver

TE Kurt Stange* (6-5, 210)
I tell you this much. You will be hard-pressed to find a better walk-on tight end across the country. I think he is unbelievable. He could have gone to some smaller schools and playing a lot there. He is really good player. He had a great fall camp and now he has done some wonderful things. Anytime he has a chance to make plays he makes them. He makes the best of every situation. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: Scout team tight end

OL Chris Rutledge (6-7, 290)
I think Chris Rutledge can be a better version of a Bryant McKinnie. I think he can be unbelievable. He is incredible. He has been outstanding for me on scout team and hasn't missed a rep. He constantly grinds and pays attention to details. The thing is for a young player is how fast he has grasped the scheme and what we are trying to do. It is not just talent. Talent gives you a shot, but there are so many other things that go into it. He has good technique and positioning for a young player. I think he is going to be an outstanding football player. He is going to be a hell of a football player. —Clint Hurtt

He is going to be outstanding. He is another gut that will benefit from being in good physical condition after working out in the weight room. He is a big kid that can bend and move. He is a real coachable guy that wants to learn. He picks up things quickly. He can be really, really good. We need those kinds of guys that can play with all of the horses in the backfield we need someone that can block. —Greg Laffere
2005 Outlook: Backup left tackle behind Eric Winston

OL Tyrone Byrd (6-6, 285)
Tyrone is another unbelievable athlete as an offensive lineman. The guy's vertical jump is 35 inches and runs a 4.9 40-yard dash at about 280 pounds right now. He has almost a defensive line quality athlete, which in turn I think will make him a great offensive lineman. He can play anywhere along the offensive line. He is very, very aggressive and great in coming off of the ball. The sky is the limit for him. —Clint Hurtt

He is a very blessed individual. He is athletic and tough. I don't get to see him too much on the scout team offense, but from what I hear he is doing a good job. He is playing hard. As an offensive lineman I knew some guys that were unbelievable athletes that were terrible offensive linemen and I have seen some guys that are terrible athletes be unbelievable offensive linemen. He is a talented kid and a good athlete, but also is a tough kid that wants to play. —Greg Laffere
2005 Outlook: Likely a third-string tackle behind tackles Cyrim Wimbs and Brandon Sebald, but it depends on his learning progress

OL Robert Bergman (6-5, 290)
He is a hard-working kid, scrappy. He is a tough, nasty guy you need on the offensive line. He is good to have on scout team because he makes those guys work. You have to maintain your focus because he will get in your ear a little bit. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: Will be a senior, but could leave early because of the depth chart and having graduated.

OL Alex Garcia* (6-1, 295)
Alex has been with us for a while now. He was a freshman when I was still playing here. He is an extremely hard worker and cares about the team. He could probably go to a school like FIU or FAU and start, and be a quality player for them. We love having him here and appreciate the fact that he is here. He has always been great for us and works real hard. Our defensive tackles have a lot of respect for him because of the way he plays the game. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: N/A

OL Brad Kunz* (6-7, 320)
Brad has been with us for along time. I remember when Brad came in as a freshman at 340 pounds. He is a lot leaner than what he was, but he is still big as a house. He is a good kid with a great work ethic, a team guy. A lot of the guys on the team are team-first guys, which allows us to have the success that we do. —Clint Hurtt
2005 Outlook: N/A

* -- Non-scholarship player

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