Practice Report - 11/9

Miami returned to practice today in their preparation for Virginia on Saturday (3:30, ABC). Miami is banged up and players are being shuffled at a variety of positions. We have the latest on Antrel Rolle, Kyle Wright and others.


Opening statement:

"Today was a good day for us. Guys ran around and were enthusiastic. I really like what I saw today. We just have to keep working and get better."

On injuries:

"Any time you get starters that are out it is hard. There is a reason players are backups either they are not as good or as ready to be on the first-team. If a starter is hurt, then the backup gets all of the work."

On getting the players to play with more emotion:

"I think you get it back by winning. That is the main thing. I want guys to have fun and enjoy this experience. I have never been around losing that was enjoyable. It is about winning."


* CB Antrel Rolle did not practice and was in a walking boot. He walked with a noticable limp. Coker said he couldnt play today and doesnt know his status for Saturday.

* CB Devin Hester replaced Rolle as a starting cornerback. Coker stated in previous weeks that Devin was not ready to play, but feels comfortable playing him an extended amount of time.

* RB Frank Gore pleased Coker today with his ability to practice. Coker thought he would be a little bit more sore than he was.

* The starting defensive line went back to the following: LE Pata LT Atkins RT Harris RE Carroll. It was switched for the first time from left-to-right last week because North Carolina primarily ran the ball to the right side.

* LB Romeo Davis got a lot of snaps with the first unit replacing Tavares Gooden in the starting rotation. Gooden is being hampered by a shoulder injury.

* LB Leon Williams could see more time at linebacker if Roger McIntosh is still bothered by a shoulder injury.

* LB Roger McIntosh could play the middle linebaker position again this week, but it is unknown at this time.

* WR Ryan Moore practiced and did not show any affects of a sore ankle.

* QB Kyle Wright also practiced after recovering from a sprained ankle. It is uncertain at this time if he will make the trip to Virginia. It depends upon how he practices tomorrow.

* FS Brandon Meriweather is a bit banged up now. Last game he hurt his shoulder, but coach expects him to be fine for Saturday.

* CB Carlos Armour and SS Rashaun Jones could see elevated playing time in the seconary and on special teams a week after having their redshirts lifted. Coker said it is a possibility, but does not antipate that much of it.

* DT Dave Howell was the last man off of the practice field after a discussion with defensive line coach Greg Mark and graduate assistant Clint Hurtt. This is not the first time Howell has talked with the coaches after practice.

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