Super RB Favoring Miami

Michael Johnson is one of the nation's top running back prospects and he's favoring the Hurricanes. He talks all about it in this indepth interview.

Newport News, VA running back Michael Johnson had a pretty exciting week. Two things he had been hoping for took place.

"I got my SAT scores back and I got an 850," he said. "I'm fully qualified now. That's a big relief. I've been trying to pass that thing since prom of my junior year."

The other was watching his favorite team win the national championship on Thursday.

"Miami came through," he said. "That game was off the hook. They were serious about it and are national champions. Miami is still my top team."

So while the talented running back likes Miami so much, how about vica-versa?

"Coach Coker actually called me from Pasadena," he said. "That was real exciting because I figured they'd be real busy out there getting ready for the game and everything."

It's obvious the Hurricanes love the 5-10, 180-pounder who rushed for 1,451 yards this past season.

"I'm scheduled to visit Tennessee this coming weekend," he said. "But I haven't been talking to them in a minute. I'm not sure if I'll be able to visit them. I also like Florida, but with the thing with Steve Spurrier going on, I'm not quite sure. Plus, I heard they have a good running back already committed."

Johnson has already visited Michigan State, and says they're probably third on the list right now. "They just found out that T.J. Duckett is leaving early for the NFL so they need a running back and that might be a good opportunity for me."

So who is second for the talented running back?

"Virginia's still right up there," he said. "They're second right now. They're putting together a pretty good recruiting class. Arlen Harris is transferring, so they need another running back." Johnson will visit Virginia on Jan 18. He's also scheduled to visit N.C. State on Jan 25, but says he'll most likely cancel that.

"With Tennessee up in the air and Florida's situation, I think it'll pretty much come down to Miami and Virginia," he said. "Right now, Miami is my top choice."

When asked about J.R. Mounts, Johnson knew all about him.

"Yeah, he's committed, but he's going to play safety for them. I'm going to be a running back."

Rumors have been floating around about perhaps playing another position in college, but he denies them.

"I'm a running back and that's where I want to play," he said. "All I meant about playing wide receiver is that if I was to get switched, I'd rather play wide receiver than defensive back."

Personally, I think it'll come down to UM and Virginia and I really like our chances. I also found out while in Pasadena that Mounts will start out at UM as a safety, which leaves an opening for a running back and Johnson's been one of the elite running back prospects all season. His mother lives in Fort Lauderdale and he said even she's pushing for the Canes.

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