Practice Notes: 11/10

After practice head coach Larry Coker answered questions from the media concerning player injuries and possible changes to the starting lineup. Miami travels to Charlottesville this weekend to take on Virginia. The winner will remain the favorite for the ACC title.

Head Coach Larry Coker

How was practice today?


OL Andrew Bain got a lot of snaps today at left guard on the first team, will he be starting there?

We feel Andrew is a first-team player, but Tony Tella is still the starter. But Andrew is ready to play.

Do you expect CB Antrel Rolle to be healthy for Saturday?

I expect him to be back, but we'll wait and see. I would say he is questionable right now.

Regarding Antrel, does your normal rule, you have to practice Tuesday to start and practice Wednesday to play still in affect?

We are going to see how he is. He has done some things for us. I am not going to play him if he is not healthy.

How has CB Devin Hester looked in place of Rolle?

Devin has looked good. He is getting all of the work now so he is definitely looking better.

Virginia is known for their rushing game, but can you talk about their linebackers?

Actually, they have three good linebackers. They have an outstanding defensive line. Their nose tackle is an outstanding player and is very physical. They are one of the top defenses in the ACC.

How is the team doing mentally to getting back on track for Saturday?

I think okay. I thought we practiced well last week, but we just didnt win the game. We didnt make plays and we didnt win. We just have to carry it over for Saturday.

What is Virginia's biggest weapon after watching them on game film?

I think it is their running game. They have outstanding running backs. When you running game you have to include the offensive line. They are a good football team and I dont know if you can pick out one thing--that is what makes them so successful.

Where does the Virginia offensive line rank amongst the teams you have played?

I think they are as good as any of them. They have Florida State-quality type players. I think they are pretty physical and would rank them amongst some of the top lines.

How has RB Frank Gore looked in practice? Very good. I am very encouraged with Frank. I thought he would be sore yesterday, but he practiced well.


* DE Javon Nanton grimmaced in pain from what looked to be a reoccurring finger injury in practice. Coker said he was fine and didnt comment on the injury.

* WR Ryan Moore practiced this week and Coker expects him to play this week.

* TE Greg Olsen had a thick cast on his left hand after suffering a broken wrist. He did not play last week and he could play this week although it is tough to catch passes with a big cast on that wraps around his thumb. During practice Olsen had a conversation with Kelly Jennings, who played with a cast during his freshman season.

* LB Romeo Davis continued to get work on the first-team at weakside linebacker in place of Tavares Gooden. Gooden has a sore shoulder, but both Gooden and Davis avoided the question when asked who would start.

* QB Kyle Wright will not make the trip Saturday after still recovering from an ankle injury. This will the third game he has missed. He is hopeful he will return to getting game experience when he is healthy.

* FS Anthony Reddick continued to be the first-team free safety in place of Brandon Meriweather. Meriweather is still banged up and recovering from a sore shoulder.

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