Brandon Snow Interview

Brandon Snow is one of the nation's top fullback prospects and he's had a change of plans with his visits. UM remains firm on his list and he talks about the Canes and their championship season in this indepth interview.

"I had Florida coming up this weekend," Snow said. "But due to the coaching thing, I'm not going now. I'm still kinda considering them, but it all depends on how many and which of their coaches return."

At 6-foot-2 and 225 pounds, the Newark, Del standout fullback has already been on trips to Penn State and Maryland.

"I had a real good time on both of those trips. I really can't say which one was better because they were taking finals on both trips and there wasn't a whole lot going on. But I really enjoyed them both and I am still considering both Penn State and Maryland."

Snow, who long-jumped 21 feet as a junior and ran a 11.0 100m as a junior electronically-timed, recently became a full qualifier as well.

"Instead of going to Florida, I am leaving for Tennessee this weekend," he said. "I always said if something were to happen with one of my top five schools, this is where I would visit instead. They just got one of the quote unquote top running backs in the country and I figure I might be nice playing in the same backfield as him."

Snow then has two remaining visits scheduled for late January.

"I'm a little unsure about the 18th right now," he said. "I have Maryland set up, but if Florida gets things straightened out by then, I might go there on the 18th instead. I'm definitely going to Miami on the 25th. I talked to Orien when he came home for the holidays and he said he loves it. He doesn't love the fact that he redshirted, but he loves it at Miami. And why not, they just won a national championship."

Snow talked about Miami's situation with coach Art Kehoe on Sunday night.

"Kehoe told me there's a real good opportunity now that Najeh is leaving," he said. "They're trying to find a true fullback and I know they have Willis McGahee playing there now, but I think he's more of a tailback. I think there's a great opportunity for me at Miami."

When asked about a possibly favorite, Snow declined to mention one.

"I've had two real successful visits and I still have three left," he said. "I have no idea what's going to happen or how much I am going to like those three, but I'll know for sure by the end of the month where I am going."

Personally, I really like UM's chances for three reasons. First, we are getting his last visit and that is usually very important. Second, he is best friends with Orien Harris, and third is that Coach Kehoe is his recruiting coach, and the two of them are really getting along.

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