Locker Room Report

Following a 31-21 victory over Virginia some of the Hurricanes discussed the game in the locker room.

FB Talib Humphrey

On the importance of the win to avoid a three-game losing streak:
"It was lift. We had a lot of monkeys on our back. Everybody was questioning us, but we knew as a team that we could get it done. There were just certain technical things that we had to correct. We came out and played hard until the end. Everyone gave everything they had."

On the fourth down reception late in the game picking up 34 yards:
"We needed about five yards. I made a guy miss and all I was thinking was to stay in bounds so we could win the game."

On getting your first touches of the season and making them count:
"Being able to give my team a lift—that is all I wanted to do. I was able to catch the ball, but today I was most proud about my blocking. That is what I wanted my focus to be on and picked up the blitzes pretty well."

OL Rashad Butler

On the win:
"It was real good to get a win and to get our swagger back. We aren't used to losing back-to-back games so we had to come back and get that sour taste out of our mouth. The past two weeks have been solemn around the Hecht because we had been losing. It was good to get our swagger back and hopefully we carry it over to win the next two games with flying colors."

On the success of the running game:
"We are on a mission. Their defensive line thought they were tougher than us, but we said ‘you aren't tougher than us.' we just came out and put it in our head that we have to come out and pound the ball. Their defense has some big guys up front to stop the run."

DE Alton Wright

On the importance of the win:
"It is almost as big as a Florida State win because of losing the last two games. The ups and downs of the game and to come out victorious was real good for us. it will help us out a lot."

On your personal performance:
"I always think I can do better. On the big run at the end of the game the quarterback got outside of me. We have been working on that all this week and that was my fault. I did all right, but I am never satisfied with my performance."

On playing on special teams specifically kickoff coverage:
"I love playing on special teams. When there is a kickoff to start a half I want the other team to see that we are ready. We put it on ourselves to go out there and make plays on special teams. This is where it starts—on special teams."

On playing with high-energy:
"I have always been like that. I have always brought energy to the game. I tell my teammates if they need energy, then they can feed off of me. I will do whatever it takes to get the job done."

LB Jon Beason

On the win:
"I am glad we are heading back in the right direction. These are games we should win. This was a big game and we have to step up and make plays. I don't think we played flawless, but we got a ‘W' and that is all that matters."

On the big plays late in the game:
"All we need is a spark. It is not just one person—everyone has to feed off of it. That punt return by Roscoe was huge and then the fourth down conversion—that is Roscoe for you, he is a great player."

On the performance of the linebackers:
"Everybody has been saying this or saying that. The last couple of weeks we came to play and stepped up. Obviously we are not where we want to be, but we are moving in the right direction."

On your personal performance after starting and getting a lot of reps:
"Just played hard. I just tried to make plays and run to the ball. When you do that good things happen. You want to be around the ball."

CB Devin Hester

On the win:
"It was real good. We are trying to win the ACC championship and we wanted to come out here and play hard. We are just trying to focus on that goal right now."

On the play of the secondary holding Virginia to 94 yards passing and one reception to their wide receivers:
"We are just trying to narrow it down from the past games when teams are going for over 400 yards against us. So we had a goal this week and we wanted to reach it."

On your personal performance:
"It was a big time for me because it was my first start. I just have keep my head on straight and keep making plays."

On Roscoe's punt return and if you have to get back there now to return punts:
"oh yeah. We always have a competition about that, but he made a great play."

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