Winston Update

Left tackle Eric Winston shared good news recently. He spoke briefly on how his rehab is coming along and if he will be back for next season as a Miami Hurricane.

How are things coming for you?

It's going real good. We are five weeks out now. The extension is coming along real well. I'm starting to bend it a lot, working on the strength. We are right on track. It's tough, it's just a process. I'm at about 105 or 110 (angle). It seems like a long way already, but I did 90 (degrees) in one week so the rest was pretty tough. It's going to take a long time, I rode the bike today for the first time. I'm trying to do a lot of things, mini squats and toe raises. I'm really trying to work and get going. Everybody tells me I'm on track or a little ahead, I'm happy with the progress and just trying to keep it going.

When do you plan on doing football training again?

I'm hoping for the spring. I don't know how much I'll be able to do. I'm going to try to get out there and try to do drills probably around spring time. Just kind of be able to run around with the guys out there a little bit would be a success. You never know what kind of twists and turns can take place. They tell me to just stay patient with it and they evaluate it every week and keep on keeping on.

Have you made a definitive decision on leaving early for the NFL?

Right now I would definitely say it is pretty much out of the picture. During the season I wasn't even really worrying about it. It would have to be a pretty lucrative offer. With the ceiling that there is at left tackle, you can go as high as you are able to. It's one of those deals where it is probably better for me to come back. There is a lot of tackles coming out this year. On the internet they were projecting 3 or 4 tackles along with a couple of guards to go in the first round. It would be hard for me to get a definite position (in the draft). There is not too much film on me either. Right now I'll say 95% that I am coming back.

Have you found any positives out of this?

It's just little things that you never learn to appreciate. You kind of see that when you step off the football field a little bit. Just the way people have responded to me, guys have made sure that I'm at rehab, or giving me a ride here or there. My brother and girlfriend have been good about it too. They let me know that if I need anything than they'll be there. It's easy to see a silver lining when you can take a step back.

What is the best advice you have gotten in rehabbing and along those lines?

Right after it happened I got some good advice in that somebody told me don't ask why. I think that helps. I think a little of people get caught up into why and not how. Now it is just be patient. Be patient and time will heal it. Everything in there needs time to heal. It's also good seeing Willis and Frank running around and knowing they can still do it.

Can you walk through what happened on the play you were injured on?

I'm not sure I have even seen it on film yet. I was pass blocking like usual and I got turned a little too much. I saw the guy in front of me and all of a sudden just got rolled up on. There was no place for my leg to go and bend so something had to give.

You seem to be doing great, how do you keep your spirits up?

Well believe me going through that pain in the rehab is not fun. But what are you going to do. It happened. It's time to kind of move on. You can keep on and whine and keep on stressing about the injury, or you can figure out a way to get better. I've come to the realization that it is time to move on and time to do something about it.

Do you find yourself giving guys advice now?

I try to stay out of their way as much as possible, but it is kind of a habit for me. I have always been that way, kind of always trying to coach somebody up. I just try to give a little advice here and there.

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