Derek Morris Interview

Morris is one of the nation's top OL prospects and he's got his list cut down to four, and Miami has made the final cut. He talks about each of his favorites in this indepth interview.

With a 34-inch vertical jump, Morris is also fully qualified inside the classroom now.

"It's pretty much down to Georgia, Ohio State, and Tennessee," he said. "And if Miami starts calling me again, I'll probably definitely visit them."

Morris has already taken trips to Georgia and Ohio State.

"I really liked both of them," he said. "They both showed me around and I had a great time. They're definitely two of my favorites. Now it's time to check out Tennessee this weekend. I was supposed to visit Florida next weekend, but I cancelled that because of the coaching situation. Miami hasn't called me in awhile, but I would probably visit there at the end of the month if they do call."

Personally, it sounds like UM decided to go in a different direction. Interestingly, it sounded like UM was a longshot for the longest time, and now it seems like they're just one of four schools he's still considering. If they do start calling again and get a visit, anything could happen. However, it seems they've gone in another direction and Morris will pick from his top three mentioned above.

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