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A lot of people called him the best player in Dade County heading into the season. And Miami (Fla.) Carol City's Ricky Jean-Francois has done nothing over the last two months to change that way of thinking.

While helping lead his team to a 9-1 record and into the 2nd round of the state playoffs, Jean-Francois has been unblockable all season.

"The biggest thing is I got moved inside," Jean-Francois said. "I played inside when Eric (Moncur) and Mo Charles were here. I just dont think anyone can block me."

Jean-Francois has a game that should translate really well to the college level. Against a pro-style offense against American, who features a quarterback who stays inside the pocket, the talented defender had a field day.

"I got six and a half (sacks) against them," he said. "They tried blocking me with just their center and I was just tossing him aside. Then they tried to double me. Then they tried to wedge block. None of that is gonna work."

Jean-Francois says none of that matters if his team can't get back to the state title game.

"Going back to back is never easy," he said. "People are always shooting for you, trying to beat the best. We got knocked off by Central early but we're focused now."

Jean-Francois, 6-foot-3 and 255 pounds, has been watching tape of Northwestern this week in preparation for Thursday's game. He noticed something on tape that caught his eye.

"Plantation's tackle (Jeff Owens) was workin' it," he said. "He was eating everything up. They couldn't handle him. He looked real impressive, I'll give him his props."

'The Freak' mentioned another lineman as the best opposing player his team has faced this season.

"The best player on another team we've played, I think, is Bryan Miller (junior defensive tackle) from Central. He's the real deal out there. He's going to be real good. He's quick, strong, everything."

Jean-Francois isn't paying a whole lot of attention to the recruiting scene right now because of his team's playoff situation but did mention a few schools.

"NC State and USC look good to me right now," he said. "They call a lot and seem real interested. I might visit LSU too."

Jean-Francois had UM at the top until recently.

"I've always had UM at the top," he said. "I've wanted to play there for a long time. I'd love to be able to stay home and play college ball right there. But they don't even talk to me anymore. I dont understand it. I'm trying to get my scores up. I had good grades the first 9-weeks and I took the ACT and did well on everything but science. But I can't worry about it if they're not interested in me."

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