Press Conference - Part II

In part two of Larry Coker's press conference he talked about the defense, the status of Antrel Rolle, and the upcoming week of practice.

On the upcoming week of practices:

We are going to try to maintain a tempo. We want to work the practice fast and we will be upbeat as coaches. We want the players to be enthusiastic. But also we want to have a healthy team on Saturday—we don't want to be foolish. We are going to need those guys on the field and we have to be smart with it. This team is not one that we can say, ‘okay guys we kind of got it together and relax a bit. We all feel really good.' We are not that type of team. We have to keep grinding and doing the work."

On the Wake Forest offense causing problems with their plays:

"I am very concerned about it. They are very good at what they do. That is what is so impressive about them. They have misdirections and quarterback options—they have all of those things that has caused us problems. They do it very well. It is certainly a concern. We had five freshmen on the field Saturday and we did not play a senior on defense for the most part—Antrel Rolle played a few snaps. We have a lot of underclassmen on the field and it is a concern for us."

On Miami CB Antrel Rolle:

"I think he will definitely be available this weekend. He practiced Sunday and he is much better. It was not an injury that we felt was going to be a long-term injury and he will practice today and be available this weekend."

On CB Devin Hester:

"Devin has played better and has gotten better each week. He has never played defensive back at this level before. You don't just start playing the position and have it all figured out. It is a learning process. I know that he has learned how to get three interceptions, which is great for him and the team. He is a physical player and he is not afraid to tackle. He has a bright future ahead of him. I don't know where the right place for Devin is. Maybe he should be out there on every play. I don't know, but he is that type of player"

On if Hester will increase on offense with Rolle back:

"We will have his offensive package and we will have some things we will be able to do with him on offense. He had one punt return that he didn't return very well. He should have returned it and it would have been the easiest return he's ever had in his life. We had a beautiful wall set up and he takes it inside for an okay return."

On true freshmen starters FS Anthony Reddick and LB Romeo Davis:

"Anthony has really been evolved to be somewhat of a leader back there for us. I don't know if he wants to be, but he is a good football player. We recruited Romeo out of our camp when he was a 195-pound linebacker and he is 228 pounds now. He is a terrific young man and is a tough competitor. Romeo did not make a lot of plays, but he was in the right places and the position to make plays. That is the thing you really like to see from a young player. We have some good young players and we are trying to tell them they are not young anymore. We are in game 10 and they have a season under the belt and that is our spin on this thing."

On if it was expected Reddick, Davis, or Pata would be big contributors this season:

"I thought Pata would and I thought Reddick might. Going through August, Reddick really stood out and his high school coach did a good job with him. He was obviously the one that stood out and might have a chance to play early."

On if playing young players helps recruiting:

"I think so. We can sell that to kids that come here and you have a chance to play. Some of the negative feedback recruiting against Miami is don't go there because you will never play there. Now we tell recruits that there are opportunities. From our standpoint we try to use that."

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