Game Quotes

Following Miami's 52-7 over Wake Forest we caught up with a variety of players in the lockerroom for their thoughts on the game.

RB Quadtrine Hill

On the game:
"Today was a good win for us. We got up on them early and we finished the rest of the game out. We had a lot of three play drives in a short amount of time like we used to do.

On the passing game:
"They have a lot of confidence in the corners. We have a lot of good receivers and we used that against them. We were able to convert on a lot of deep passes."

On your personal performance:
"I felt good. They have a nice package for me. There are some passes there for me that I was able to catch."

On the bye week:
"It will be good for us to take time off and go home for Thanksgiving. There are a lot of guys that will be able to rest up and be ready for Virginia Tech."

WR Ryan Moore

On returning to the field after missing six games:
"It feels good. Just getting back on the field and playing football."

On when it was known you would play:
"I pretty much knew on Friday. They were discussing the rotation and game plan. And I got the most reps I've had this week in practice."

On the excitement of scoring the touchdown: "It was real exciting. I was happy to be playing football again. I was out for a long time and it was good to make a play."

On the passing game today:
"It was real good. The main thing was that we were aggressive. We felt like our receivers matched up well with their cornerbacks. They gave us some deep passes and we took it upon ourselves to go deep."

OL Brandon Sebald

On the game:
"Today was great in all aspects of the game. We played well on offense, defense, and on special teams. Obviously when that happens around here teams are in for a lot of trouble. Everything was working for us. The offense line did a good job in pass protection and running the ball."

On playing a significant amount of time:
"It feels real good. Obviously I could have done better, I felt like I did well when I got in there. It feels real good getting on the field. I just want to do whatever I can to help the team."

On how the season has been going personally after moving to offensive line:
"It is going well. I am playing behind two great players. I am having fun and learning the position. I still have one more year left. We'll see what happens."

On the upcoming bye week:
"I think it is both a good thing and a bad thing. You would like to keep things rolling because we are playing well. It is nice to have a week off at this point in the season. I think it is a perfect time for us to get ready for a big game against Virginia Tech."

DL Baraka Atkins

On the win:
"It definitely feels good. Everyone played well. We put together a good game plan and executed well. We just have to go on from here."

On the defensive line putting pressure on the quarterback flushing him out of the pocket:
"Our defense stepped it up today. We definitely flushed him out of the pocket and it was something we focused on. Last week against Virginia we let their quarterback get loose. We didn't get him down as much as we wanted to, but we did apply pressure."

LB Leon Williams

On the game: "Today everyone was running around and having fun. We weren't worried about the score. We were making plays and we weren't worried about anything else other than having fun."

On keeping practices late in the season fun:
"At this point in the season it is good to keep things fun. We are working hard to keep getting better and we are having fun out there. If big plays happen we just have to let it go, but we had to keep having fun."

On the team rebounding from the two losses to play well in back-to-back weeks:
"We just like being out there with each other and we feed off of each other. We had one guy get a flag for flexing today, but we were just out there laughing and having fun. That is what it is about."

On your personal performance:
"It was fun being out there a lot today with those guys. We have been practicing hard this season and it was good being back on the field.

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