Coker Post Game Press Conference

Coach Larry Coker spoke after the game on his team's 52-7 victory against Wake Forest Saturday afternoon at the Orange Bowl.

Opening Statement
Well needless to say, this was the type of game that we needed. Our players played really hard. I think offense, defense and special teams contributed. We did a good hob of finishing today. We use the weather to our advantage, the Orange Bowl. I was very proud of our coaching staff and our football players. They responded, they worked hard, we've been down a little bit, but they fought back. I think we are still in a good situation. I think we are still in the hunt. It was a great job by Brock Berlin and the receivers. The offensive line for the most part was outstanding. We didn't run the ball a lot, but they were giving us a lot in the passing game, so we took advantage of that. All in all, I think we played well defensively. It was an excellent team win for us. The only disappointment is I think we did have too many penalties, particularly the penalty to keep the drive alive at the end of the half was a foolish penalty that we didn't need to have. We are down to a one game season now with Virginia Tech coming in. If anyone saw the game Thursday night, they looked pretty good to me. I think you look at what they have done throughout the course of the year, they are a pretty good football team. Seven points is their largest margin that they have lost by. They have been in every football game.

Why didn't Kyle Wright play?
Kyle Wright could have played in an emergency, but hasn't practiced a lot. I didn't want to put him in and get him injured and not have him for Virginia Tech. This will give him a little extra time to get sharper offensively and also get healthy.

How have you turned thing around these last two weeks?
These players, once they decide something to accomplish, they accomplish it. I don't know that we have done anything real different other than we were all cued in on one word and that was finish. I think they understood what we meant. Not only finish games, but finish blocks and finish runs.

Have you seen Brock throw the deep ball so well?
Yeah I have. After the Houston game in practice. He does it everyday. I am going in to get a cool water, and everyone else is going in at practice, I see Brock and the receivers throwing pass routes. First of all it comes down to talent and then what do you want to do with that talent. They decided they wanted to take it to another level. They have taken ownership and they have done that.

Was their anything in the game footage of Wake Forest that you saw that you thought you could expose?
I think that we can get open. I also think that they had an outstanding cornerback that didn't play. The first big play in the game came on a replacement corner. I thought we could throw the ball if we could protect.

Sinorice is probably a little faster than Santana was. Sinorice is a pretty thick guy who is put together well. He is a short guy, but he is not a small guy. He's got great explosiveness. He is really a very very fast football player.

What are your thoughts on the young players that got to play?
We got a lot of players in the game today. We had a lot of guys who practice hard and are scout team players. Our scout players have done a great job preparing us for this game. I know Derron Thomas this week did a phenomenal job. With all of those things incorporated, it is just great morale for everybody.

What are your plans for the next two weeks?
I think this the first time since I have been here that we have not had a Thanksgiving game. We'll have our normal Sunday. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we will practice and then we will try to give our players a break. Early next week it will be us against us. Virginia Tech is a great physical football team, so they will present a tremendous challenge for us their.

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