Haith Post Game Press Conference

Head Coach Frank Haith spoke to the media after his 67-64 victory over Wofford College.

Opening Statement:
"We have work to do obviously. There are some things we can take away from this game in a positive way. Gary Hamilton and Anthony King had 15 rebounds and 19 rebounds respectively. I thought out offensive execution was not real good. We got caught standing around too much, not enough movement. We turned the ball over way too much we aren't going to win too many ballgames when we do that. We looked like a team playing our first game. But we out rebounded them. But we have to do the little things better. Making free throws is one of the little things we got to do a better job there also. Anthony Harris got kneed in the leg. So we had to improvise a little with Brandon. Our post guys King was cramping up. I though Wilkins did a great job guarding the post, he never guarded the post before. We got to get something out of the other post guys."

What are your thoughts on the rebounding tonight?
"It is something we stress. I think that they are just very active. Anthony came here with 19 boards and that's a yeoman's effort. I thought their activity was the reason we out rebounded them. They did a great job. Gary had 4 assists and 8 points. He did a little bit of everything."

What was the game plan against Wofford?
"We were so concerned about those guys shooting threes, I think they shot over 700 threes last year. So we were so concerned about not giving up threes. We probably left our post guys too much in there one on one."

Was this game tougher than you expected?
"Winning college basketball games is hard. Can't take anything for granted, that's why you play the game, there is nothing guaranteed. You look across the country and winning basketball games is hard. I think our kids understand that. This is a good lesson today."

How did Anthony Harris play?
"He's playing well. He had a second there were he had two or three turnovers in a row. But all and all I think he played well. You have to go back and really watch the tape, but I was pleased. First time out running the show, he's only gonna get better."

Who played well off the bench?
"Brandon had a nice spell there, because he got pushed into a lot of minutes without Anthony being able to come back. I thought Eric had a lot of energy and played with some moxy. We gotta get more production out of our bench. We do have to do that we have to find a way."

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