UM Back in Picture

Sometimes having an outstanding senior season can go a long way in opening the eyes of college coaches. That's something Merritt Island's Eddie Haupt has seemingly done. "I've been having a great season," Haupt said.

"I've been getting 10-15 pancakes a game. I've got more than 100 on the season. And now my team is in the second round of the state playoffs. Hopefully the college coaches have been watching."

Haupt mentioned a key standout he's noticed on tape while watching his opponent for this weekend.

"Jupiter has a real good defensive end, Courtney something," he said. "He looks real good on film. I can't wait to play against those guys."

Haupt, 6-4 and 285 pounds, had been favoring the Florida Gators for most of the season -- until recently. The coaching change in Gainesville has Haupt checking out other options.

"I was real high on Florida but I'm not sure who they're going to bring in as the new coach," he said. "I stil like Florida a lot and still might go there but I am starting to call some other coaches to see who else has some openings."

The Hurricanes have started calling the talented lineman again.

"For awhile there they didn't seem real interested," he said. "But I guess they haven't been calling people as much. I heard they haven't been calling Matt Hardrick as much lately either. I'm definitely interested in Miami and need to talk to them about setting up a visit."

Haupt, a full academic qualifier, is also considering the University of South Florida.

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