Scouting Report: Chris Myers

Scouting Report: Chris Myers

Full Name:  Chris Myers  School:  Miami-Fl

Ht:   6-4  Wt:  300 40:  5.21

The Good:  Nasty lineman that looks for someone to hit.  Patient, works well with teammates and displays adequate ability to shuffle laterally.  Quick out the second level then uses solid body positioning to seal opponents from the play.  Jolts defenders at the point and effectively works his hands.

The Bad: Not a natural knee bender and gets tall as the play proceeds.  Has difficulty blocking in any direction other then straight ahead.  Lacks adjustment and exploited by smaller, speedier defenders.

The Skinny: Tough and a hard worker, Myers lacks the great upside potential yet makes the most of his tools and has a nice feel for the position.  Tests poorly and though only a late round pick, a prospect we expect to get notice next summer in camp because of his tenacity and know-how.  

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