Rare Love For The Game

Garrett White quickly became one of the best defensive players in Dade County this season. He credits a lot to his passion for the game. "My tenth grade year was my first year playing and I played defensive tackle at first," White said.

"Last year I played defensive end. This year I started at linebacker but then finished the season at end. I've been moving around a lot but it's my love for the game that sets me apart, I think. I just have an attitude that gets me through. No matter where the coaches put me on the field, I know I'm going to make plays. I wanna be a difference maker. I know I'm gonna beat the man across from me. That's the attitude I have and it's the only attitude I know."

White, 6-2 and 225 pounds, finished the season with 80 tackles and nine sacks. That performance kept college coaches hot on his trail.

"I have full scholarship offers from South Florida, Pittsburgh, Louisiana Lafayette, UConn, Mississippi State, Akron, Kansas State, and Minnesota," he said. "Coaches are calling me all the time. I have two visits set up for Pittsburgh and South Florida. I'd say those two are on top right now."

The talented linebacker prospect is still waiting for an offer from the hometown Hurricanes.

"I talk to Coach Shannon sometimes," he said. "He just tells me to stay in the weight room, keep my grades up, and just keep doing my thing. During the season he was telling me that I'll never break his records. He said I couldn't do it. The reason I didn't is because teams always ran the other way and it made it tough. I had to chase everything down. I ended up with around 80 tackles. He had like 130 (his senior season at Norland)."

White says he's hopeful the Hurricanes come through with an offer.

"I've always liked UM," he said. "They're the hometown school. Most of the kids down here that grew up here wanna be a part of it, no mater what they might say. Usually the best players from down here go to UM because that's the thing to do. If you want competition and you wanna win and you wanna play in the league, UM's got it all and it's right here."

White wants people to know that not only does he enjoy competition, he expects it.

"I hear people talking about how many guys are on the depth chart or whatever and I just laugh," he said. "With me, I know it's me. I know who I am. I know I'm a player. I'm going in to take someone's job, not to talk or not to watch the older guys do it. You either better put up or move out of my way because wherever I go, I'm coming to take someone's spot. I dont care if they bring in 15 linebackers, I'm gonna emerge. That's just my attitude."

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