Haith Press Conference

Following the 'Canes first loss of the season head coach Frank Haith addressed the media to discuss the game. Miami (1-1) next plays Xavier Saturday night.

Game Summary Breakdown

We just didn't play, the first half, the execution wasn't there, the defensive intensity wasn't there…loose balls, you know all the things that we preach that we want to do…that was a problem…then I thought the second half, we came back, we fought, competed, but still made the dumb plays, the plays that are not…you know we just got to continue to work…I think we cut the lead to three at one time…we had a possession I think Eric missed a lay up, then we came down and we still had another shot at it, missed a shot and we don't come up with the loose ball. It was just one of those games where you are playing an experienced team and playing a lot of guys that haven't played before…obviously when one of your best players doesn't scratch, that makes it tough…that was tough…when you look out there and he hasn't scored a point…and he passed up a lot of shots…I thought he passed up a lot of shots and that made it difficult and then when he did take shots, he wasn't close, for whatever reason, he wasn't close, but it's going to be tough for this basketball team if we don't have our better players playing well…it's obvious that this team knows that we've got to…we're in this thing six weeks, seven weeks, you know…and it's a work in progress…I'm not going to be discouraged…I know what we have and I understand that and I know where we're at…But we've got to continue to work…that's one thing we've got to do…we've got to go back to work tomorrow and continue to try to improve…it's a long season, the worst thing we can do is give up and throw in the towel…you know we're going to continue to work…there's a lot of areas that need to be cleaned up…you know we're turning the ball over way too much…we had 16 turnovers tonight against a zone…when you have 16 turnovers against a team that plays a zone, basically all your turnovers are unforced…That's just not good execution, but that's going to take time.

On Guillermo Diaz poor play (0 points) and Robert Hite shooting out of a funk

(Diaz) I have to go back and look at the tape, but I thought he had a lot of open looks. I really thought we had one reversal there, and he passed up a shot and drove in and almost dribbled off his foot on the baseline…as a shooter, and you know when you haven't made a shot, and he obviously didn't want to take a shot…he wanted to get it closer to the rim at that point and time of the game. I felt we got open shots, we didn't make them, he didn't.

(Rob) I think some of our other guys, Rob, he kept shooting, even when he missed a couple and he kept shooting to the point where I think he got himself in a little bit of a rhythm.

(Diaz) He's been practicing, but he's had some practices that weren't good as others, but I couldn't have foreseen this happening…seen that he would have had a game like today…this team needs him to play, to be more aggressive, to be more assertive, to be the player he's capable of being, he's got great talent…but this team needs him to play with that type of energy and enthusiasm night in and night out.

On the team's lack of rebounding in comparison to Wofford

They were more athletic, but they played zone, so we didn't do a good job rebounding…one of the problems we had was (Thurman) Zimmerman…they do a good job of isolating him, and he's a smaller guy, so not only was he good in the hole, but he was also good off the bounce…so that presented a problem with some of our post guys guarding him…we started sizing down again with Eric Wilkins guarding him…and that's tough…it's tough for a 6'9 kid like Gary and Anthony to guard a guy like that… we didn't rebound as well…you know there were a lot of balls that looked like we had our hands on, but we just didn't come up with…offensively and defensively…you know for whatever reason that we couldn't hold onto the ball…particularly early in the game it looked like Anthony King had some type of jelly on his hands…he just couldn't grip the ball…basketball is a funny game, it's a confidence game…it looked like he couldn't hold onto the ball, he missed a couple of shots…then it just spiraled…he's a just a young kid who hasn't played a lot and you could see it in his eyes and his face that he didn't have the confidence there.

On Will Frisby's return and very good performance

Will played great tonight. After a shaky start where he missed a couple of free throws, missed a couple of shots, he was just so anxious to get out there and play…once he calmed down and got into the flow of the game, he did a really nice job and if you are trying to find something positive out of this, that's something we can build on and having a post presence and someone that can score in the post.

On the loss possibly discouraging UM which is a young team

That's something we've got to work because we do have a young team and you know how that's going to affect them is something we've got to talk about and look at. I'm hoping that our guys will bounce back. We've got to go back to work. I think they are going to see energy and enthusiasm out of our staff and we're going to go back and continue to work and continue to try to improve.

On the lack of inside scoring

Maybe we can do like the Heat, maybe get Shaq (laughing) maybe make a trade. I love my kids, we've got great kids…they are who they are…we got to try to continue to improve what we have…Anthony King I think he can get better…he can score a little bit…You know Gary, he's a journeyman…I mean he's a hard worker, but those are the guys we have…a guy like Glenn (Batemon) would have had a tough time tonight…we got down and then we had to guard, he would have had a tough time guarding either one of those guys…his first game out, he didn't look comfortable and it's a timing thing with him…he hadn't played for a whole year and the speed of the game is something that he's going to have to get back used to.

On facing Xavier this Saturday

You know Xavier is a good team. I was fortunate enough to be in a game with Xavier in a Sweet 16 game…Shawn was an assistant on that staff…and when I was he was at NC State, I was at Wake…we competed for a while…he's a good coach and I know they'll be ready…they had a tough loss the other night to Miami-Ohio, so I know they are going to go after it and be ready to play I am sure. We've got to go to work too.

On the Robert Hite's comments that S.C. State played harder than Miami

That's a tough statement for me to swallow that a team played harder than us. That can't happen if you are going to try to be…if our kids feel that way and they do because I told them that…we can't be a team that is a scrappy team to have a chance to be competitive if we make those types of statements and that is something that this team has to mature out of. That can never be said, win or loss, that a team played harder than you and that should make you just sick to feel that you've got to say that, and it makes me sick when I had to say that to these guys.

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