Two Way Battle For LB

Palm Bay is gearing up for a huge 2nd round playoff showdown against unbeaten Lakeland this week. Neefy Moffett says he's so excited, it's hard to put into words.

"This is our biggest game since Lincoln in 02 when the winner of that went to states," Moffett said. "I'm a senior now. I'm one of the leaders. We're the underdogs and I can't wait to go out there and compete."

Moffett, 6-1 and 215 pounds, has started as a defensive end for the last three seasons prior to this year. Because he projects as a linebacker in college, his coaches switched Moffett to that position prior to the start of the season. It's worked out really well.

"I've been adjusting really well and I'm getting more and more comfortable each week," he said. "I have 120 tackles in nine games. Just go get the ball. I love playing so making the switch wasn't a big deal."

The talented defender, a full academic qualifier, had a chance to play against Merrit Island's Eddie Haupt this season.

"He's a good player," he said. "He's quick and strong. He's gonna be pretty good in college."

Moffett, who also rushed for close to 300 yards on offense, projects as a defensive player in college.

"It's pretty much out of Miami and USC," he said. "Georgia and Florida State and tied for second. Those will be my visits. I'm going to USC next weekend. The rest will be after the season."

When asked to compare the two programs atop his list of favorites.

"Besides the distance factor, Miami just needs linebackers," he said. "I've always liked Miami. They offered me recently and I really like talking to Coach Mark and Coach Hargreaves. I went to their games against Florida State and Clemson."

Moffett says the Hurricanes are having a season that reminds him of his own team's performance.

"They're a lot like us," he said. "They're beating themselves against teams they should be beating. Turnovers on offense is hurting them. Missed tackles on defense is hurting. They weren't playing Miami football there for awhile but they can get it back on track. They still have the players and coaches to win."

Moffett said he'll likely take all of his visits before making a final decision. Depth charts will play a role but not a major one.

"Basically, I look at it like this," he said. "I've always liked Miami and thought it would be nice to play there. Then when I see that they need guys at my position, of course I like that. But I know they're gonna bring in some great players and they have great young players like Willie Williams. I'm ready to compete with those guys."

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