Hardrick Provides The Latest

Matt Hardrick is enjoying another outstanding season. While he's led his team into the 2nd round of the state playoffs, he believes he's had a great senior year. "We're still in the playoffs and that's the big thing," Hardrick said.

"We need to win three more to get back to Gainesville. The only guy who's given me a problem all year is (Vernon Jackson) from Evans. He's a little shorter (6-1) but we went at it all night. He never stopped coming hard and really challenged me. He's a real good player, real strong."

Hardrick, 6-5 and 330 pounds, projects as a tackle at the college level. He says he's trying to focus on his season before getting too involved in the recruiting process.

"The only visit I have right now is for Florida State in January," he said. "It's still them and Miami at the top of my list but I haven't heard from the Miami coaches in about a month now. I'm not sure what's going on but I'm still very much interested in them and want to visit there."

The talented lineman mentioned three other programs who are still in the running and calling each week.

"Oklahoma, Ole Miss, and Georgia are also in there," he said. "I'll do my visits after the season."

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