The Friday Stock Report: 11/26

In typical Thanksgiving fashion I decided to give thanks for all that I am thankful for with my position at CanesTime. It has been enjoyable from the start and I look forward to more things to be thankful for.


To CanesTime Members:

Over the past two seasons I have been able to primarily cover the Miami Hurricanes football team for and CanesTime the Magazine. I have also been to other various Hurricane sporting events such as tennis, volleyball, soccer, track, and baseball. My experiences with the players, coaches, our subscribers, and the rest of our staff have been unbelievable. To sum it up in one word, I am thankful.

I am thankful for…

Being able to cover college athletics for a major university where fans cheer victories and cry in defeat.

The relationships I have built with the players and for them allowing me to cover their joys in life along with some of their difficult times. I understand that without the players, none of this is possible.

Attending two-a-day football practices in South Florida heat in the middle of August.

The compliments and words of encouragement from our subscribers. Each and every comment is truly appreciated.

The constructive criticism and people pointing out typos. (After all, someone has to keep me on my toes.)

Bryan "Grassy" Knoll for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the best publication covering Miami Hurricane athletics.

The sports information directors who help set up interviews and track down players at odd times of the day especially in the off-season.

Being able to be on the sideline before games and the last six minutes of each game. Regardless of the score or outcome it is the best place to watch a game.

A seat in the press box regardless of who it is next to.

The thoughtfulness of Larry Coker and the rest of his staff for answering questions about the team and asking questions about how things are going.

The rest of the coaches at the University of Miami for taking time for interviews.

Jim Morris for allowing me to be in your office. The photos, bobbleheads, and memorabilia are what college athletics are about. The view to Mark Light Stadium isn't too shabby either. Nor is the national championship trophy.

Questions from subscribers about how a fourth-string player is coming along.

The five-dollar media coupons at baseball games to get chicken strips with fries and then getting plenty of barbeque sauce.

Andreu Swasey, Scott McGonagle, Tony Hernandez, and Bobby Revilla.

The Greentree Practice Fields.

Dustin in Oklahoma who defines what a true sports fan is--regardless of the team he roots for.

President Shalala and Mr. Paul Dee.

Covering a team that wins. Consistently.

A coach that will not leave the University of Miami for a lateral position at another major university.

The next national championship won by the football team.

Position battles during spring practices and expectations after the spring game.

Players telling me their dreams, aspirations, hopes, and goals. And for them talking to me about more playing time, starting, and next year's plans.

Being at a high school when a player announces his collegiate plans. It is one of the most exciting days in their lives and it brings the community together, specifically Denis Clemente.

The opportunity to put my thoughts in writing.

Sincere thanks,
Christopher Stock

Christopher Stock is a Staff Writer for CanesTime and can be contacted by emailing him at

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