It's Official - Berlin A 'Cane

All of the rumors and speculation surrounding the Brock Berlin to Miami scenario have been put to rest. Berlin held a press conference last night confirming he was headed to Miami. We have many quotes from Brock on why he chose Miami and why he decided to change schools.

Brock Berlin was one of the most heralded high school quarterbacks to come along in recent years. A true sophomore at the University of Florida, he decided late this year that he may want to go in a new direction.

"One of the bigger reasons I came to Florida was to play for coach Steve Spurrier. It made a little bit of difference the guy that I came to play for left and there are other reasons to but that is obviously some reason."

When asked about his decision being tied to whether or not current Florida starting quarterback Rex Grossman was staying or entering the NFL draft, Berlin responded "the deal is I still don't even know what exactly Rex is going to do. I was really looking out for the best situation for me and just trying to figure it all out." Berlin added "I felt really good about going to Miami, I'm not really totally sure what Rex is going to do. I've heard different things that he is staying and stuff but we'll just have to wait and see."

For Miami, the timing is excellent. Brock will sit out next year and be able to challenge for the starting job with incoming freshman Marc Guillon and existing quarterbacks Derrick Crudup and Buck Ortega. "I really like their [Miami] offense and what they do offensively and their coaching staff is a really good staff too and really good people. It's not a really big move from the University of Florida, just a few hours south."

There is a good chance that the first game he is eligible to play in will be in Shreveport, La. against Louisiana Tech. "That would be a dream for me to come back here and play in front of my home crowd and these home people. These people in Shreveport have been behind me and supported me in whatever I do. It will be so much fun to some and play in front of these people."

The fact that Berlin has to sit out a year didn't factor into his decision much at all. "I guess I'll be hanging out at the beach or something (laughing). It's going to be tough, I'm the kind of guy that wants to be in there playing and these past few years have been tough not being on the field like I would have like to have been but it's just something that you have to go with. I'm trying to put myself in a good situation and if sitting out a year is something I have to do then that is what I'll do. It's not going to be fun to sit out, I like being out there in the mix but I'll just have to wait it out another year and hope for the best."

When asked when he started thinking about transferring, Berlin responded "probably later on, toward the end of the season it started hitting me that I'm tired of being a backup quarterback and it looks like this is Rex's team and he did a great job. I've said it before that Joe Montana would have backed him up this year."

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