Haith Post Game Press Conference

Head coach Frank Haith spoke to the media following a 83-70 defeat in overtime to Xavier.

Overall Summary of the Game:
I thought our guys gave a great effort…we missed way too many buckets in the paint…you know for the most part for the last two days I told my team the last two days of practice was good and it transferred to the game. We'll continue to grow in areas that we need too in terms of playing hard, competing, loose balls, those types of things, we'll get better. The game tonight we missed too many free throws and in the first half particularly, I felt their post guys hurt us. We gave them too many pieces of the paint. They hurt us. It was good to see Guillermo (Diaz) play well and Rob (Hite). Those two guys played like their capable. We've just got to continue to get our post players finishing better. I love the activity, particularly (Anthony) King's activity. We just got to work around finishing around the hoop. If we do that, it will help us having that presence in the paint, continue to develop a post presence. Tonight, we really tried to utilize our perimeter guys quite a bit and try to take advantage, using their quickness and their creativity, but you are not going to win at this level unless you have some post presence. And when we do that, we've got to finish better.

On Anthony Harris shooting too many jump shots and the team taking the ball to the hoop more:
He does have to look to break people down more than settling for the three-point shot. I don't think he scored in the second half. I think he hit all his 13 points in the first half. That is something we've been talking to our guys that past two days. Harris, Guillermo and Rob had not shot a free throw for the first two ball games. That was because of their lack of aggression on the offensive end and that's something we've stressed in not settling for the jump shot. I think Rob did a hell of a job attacking the basket. Guillermo, even though he only shot two free throws, he still put fouls on them and that's what we wanted to do. We needed to attack more with our perimeter guys as opposed to just settling for jump shots. I think for the most part most of Anthony's shots were good shots. There may have been a couple where I think he should have put the ball on the deck, but he had a couple of turnovers early when he tried to create and I think he got a little gun shy.

On what happened in overtime to see Xavier explode to 18 overtime points:
We had been going under on their ball screens all night. We wanted to take away their post players rolling to the basket. They made three straight threes behind the screen. They had not taken those throughout the night and they made some plays. Made three straight shots. I know two of them were behind ball screens. The third one may have been a broken play where they got looks on another three. When you get behind like that in overtime, it's tough to recover and we never did it.

On the team's comeback from ten down in the second half:
I think we grew up tonight. I think we grew as a basketball team. I think that's something when we got down by 10, with 14 minutes left to go in the game, every time I talked to the guys about playing one possession at a time. To keep getting stops and I thought during that stretch there, I thought we did an outstanding job of continuing to get stops and then our execution during that time was very good. We really did a nice job of executing our offense and obviously Rob made a hell of a three to put the game into overtime. I think we'll learn from this game and go into Monday and hopefully we'll have the same type of effort and passion.

On Guillermo Diaz's improved play:
I think he knows that he has to be more assertive for this ball club to be successful. He was forced into it a little bit tonight because we ran some stuff for him early and we just asked him to be more aggressive. This team needs that out of him. He did a nice job and was very controlled. He had a complete game. I look at his numbers here, 16 points, six rebounds, seven assists. He can do all those things. I think he can be a five plus rebound guy. He did a nice job passing the ball. We did some isolation things with him and Will (Frisby) and he made some really good decisions.

On Will Frisby's need for consistency, him coming off the bench and Anthony King:
It's a focus thing with Will. He has moments where he loses his focus and that's consistency that we need to have out of him. He had lapses on defense and offense, but he shows that he's a very capable player. 6 for 13. He played hard and I know he missed one three. He made a lot of plays there when we were making our comeback, but he had a couple balls. We had one play we called for him, we were down two, put him on the block and he was wide open missed a lay up, we tipped it around, King got it and he missed a shot and we ended up not getting anything out of it. We just got to get more consistent around the hoop with our scoring.

On if the starting lineup will change:
I am not going to change anything right now. He's been playing well off the bench. You know King, bless is heart, he played as hard as he could play tonight. He had a huge block there to give us a chance to tie the game. He's just never played. He didn't get any playing time last year so this is like his freshman year. He'll get better. We just have to continue to work on him to score the ball.

On lack of second chance points despite 17 offensive rebounds:
That's something I notice. I think our post guys sometimes rush shots. They rush to try to get them up on the glass. As they will understand, just slowing down and taking your time and take what the defense gives you, they'll be more successful. I think our guys get balls and just want to get them back on the glass so quickly as opposed to being patient and take what the defense gives you, I think they'll be more successful offensively.

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