Haith Post Game Press Conference

Miami head coach Frank Haith spoke to the media following the 84-68 victory over Florida Atlantic on Monday. Anthony King, Robert Hite, and Guillermo Diaz all had career-best games.

Summary of the Game
We have a lot of the stat sheet filled up here…a lot of good things here. I thought in the second half we picked up our defensive intensity. We were able to get some lose balls and convert loose balls into buckets on the other end. That got us going. I thought for the most part in the first half we had wide-open shots. We just didn't make shots. It seems like it was a lull in what was going on. Rob had a couple of open shots and he didn't make them and he obviously didn't shoot the ball well in the first half, We took some contested shots that I felt were not good shots, but for the most part we took some good shots and we just didn't make them. We got it going in the second half. Guillermo played an outstanding game…obviously he shot the ball well, but he did other things. The thing I like he had four assists, no turnovers and three steals. I told our team about Anthony after the game. Anthony's performance tells me one thing. He just does his roll. We all could learn from that. He doesn't try to do anything more than what his roll is, being a rebounder, being a defender, and obviously he was able to block 13 shots tonight too. Rob kept playing. He may have at one point been 1-for-6 or 1-for-7 and I called him over and said to keep shooting the ball. He was able to get it going. He got a couple of breakaway lay-ups that I think got it going for him. All in all, we were happy with the win.

On the way the team played in the paint:
Anytime you have plays like blocked shots, taking charges, loose balls, that does give you some energy and I think King was very active and there's no question that our team fed off of that. His play and his energy level and the way he was going after it. Early in the game, they had one kid that got in the game and was 3-for-3 in the paint. We challenged our post guys to come back and compete. In the second half, we doubled him a little bit and cause some turnovers by just doubling him.

On the ACC's reaction to Anthony King's performance:
A lot of ball fakes.

On when the Canes were up 15 points in the second half and saw the lead dwindle to four with back ups:
These guys, Diaz and Hite, were tired. They were a little winded and obviously when they ask to come out, I have to give them a chance to get a blow, but I think I might have taken Anthony Harris out cause I wanted to take him out, but these two guys asked out. That's something we have got to look at and maybe our rotation not have all three of those guys out at one time, but at that particular time they were winded. Rob had just gotten a lay-up and a dunk, and Guillermo thought he was coming out, but were just coming for Rob, so we just went for Diaz to. That is something we have to pay attention to because we probably don't want to have all three of those guys out.

On having fun as a coach:
Can't have fun now (just joking). I want to have fun and I want our guys to have fun. That is something we talk about before every game, have fun, enjoy the moment. The opportunity to play college basketball at this level is exciting. The opportunity for me to coach basketball at this level is exciting. I want to enjoy this. I want our guys to enjoy this. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and for these guys. At some point in their lives, they'll look back on this and it will be all over with one day, but enjoy it. I want them to attack that opportunity everyday, in practice and in the games. Our energy level wasn't as great in the first half, but it wasn't bad. Sometimes with a team when you are missing shots, it seems to be a lull. We took a lot of good shots. We may have taken a couple threes that probably weren't good. After you miss a couple of threes, you have to look to drive it. That's something that we have got to continue to learn and understand. If you've taken two or three threes and you missed them, try reversing it, penetration, attacking that way and not settle for the jump shot. We're getting better.

Ideal stat line for Anthony King:
If he can give me a triple-double every night, I would take that. You know, if Ant can be a double figure rebounder, he's going to do great things for this team. I think the points will take care of themselves. You are not going to get a lot of blocks every night and I think that's a timing thing. He does have great timing at blocking shots, but you know, if he can be an 8 to 10 point guy and 10 rebounds, he's having a hell of a year.

On King's triple-double and knowing he was close:
At the end of the game, someone said, let him stay and get one rebound. I didn't know, they just made sure I didn't take him out and they shot an air ball and he got the rebound. I don't know if that should have been a rebound, I think a steal(joking).

On Guillermo Diaz:
Please shoot the ball. In the last two ball games, the points are obviously something you need, but the thing I look at. Tonight, four assists, no turnovers. Against Xavier, he had seven assists and one turnover. That shows his growth and development. It tells you he's making better decisions. He's passing the ball, making scoring passes, but also not turning the ball over. He had three steals. I think Guillermo has great reaction.

On going into the rest of the week with a win:
We were at such a high the other night and you lose that ball game and you have one day prep to go play another game. I am real pleased with th way our kids came out. We fought and obviously won the game. We will give them tomorrow off because they are a little tired. We practiced on Sunday. We did some things on Sunday cause we had to get things ready for this game. We couldn't just give them a day off after a hard fought game like Saturday, but we have to goto work on Wednesday and I think we're all looking forward to that opportunity.

On Anthony Harris going from shooting too much in the first half to getting eight second half assists and 10 on the game:
We talked to him about being a playmaker and making plays and I think he did a good job. I wasn't pleased with a couple of turnovers he had at the end. I took him out and talked to him about time and situations and that's something he's going to learn. You have to understand where's he come from to where he's at. I am so pleased with him. I would like to see him cut his turnovers down and not have five turnovers, but getting 10 assists shows some growth on his part.

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