Locker Room Quotes

Following a 16-10 loss to Virginia Tech on Senior Day some of the players took time to talk about the dissapointing loss.

QB Brock Berlin

On the game:
"Not really. I haven't even thought about it.

On the passing game:
"They were good, they were good. You have to give them a lot of credit. They played hard and came to play. They made big plays when they needed them. My hat goes off to them. They are a great team."

On the interception on fourth down:
"We really felt like if we had a shot, we would take it. If they pick it off it is like a punt. We just felt like we could take a shot against their coverage."

CB Antrel Rolle

On the game:
"We knew what to expect coming into the game, but things like this happen. They fought harder than we did and made more plays than we did."

On the performance of the defense:
"At times yes and at times no. They scored 16 points against us. That is not a lot, but that is not the type of defense we play also they had a couple big plays on us, but that is not something we allow."

On the touchdown pass:
"I was playing outside coverage on number two and he took me off. Basically one of the receivers ran vertical and took me off the guy I was guarding. Once I got to the guy I was guarding I was already behind him."

OL Tony Tella

On the game:
"The defense played a great game. The offense didn't move the ball and we had some bad penalties that hurt us. Our pass protection wasn't that good and we didn't run the ball very well."

On the performance of the offensive line:
"We had a lot of stupid penalties. We didn't do very well in pass protection or run blocking the whole game."

On the disappointment of the loss:
"It is very disappointing because we had a great game plan coming into the game and we just didn't execute. We didn't go out there and make plays."

DL Bryan Pata

On the game:
"I just feel bad for the seniors. It was their last game in the Orange Bowl. That was their last game and we were hoping to win. Unfortunately it didn't happen."

On the performance of the defense:
"Defensive-wise, I felt like we played hard. We let a couple of points pass, but our goal is to not allow them to score more than 17 points. Overall, I think the defense played real well."

On the performance of the defense line:
"I thought the defensive line played stellar. We worked hard this week and knew we had to worry about penetrating the line. We got five sacks and everyone was just flying to the ball and getting off blocks."

On possibly facing the Florida Gators in the Peach Bowl:
"Is that who we play? I don't really want to play them. That is why we play bowl games, to play away from home. If we have to play them, we have to step it up. We have to practice hard."

LB Leon Williams

On the game:
"We played against a good team. The game came down to three plays and we didn't make them."

On the performance of the defense:
"We played well as a defense today. There was one quarterback run up the middle, but that was about it for the game. Again, it was three plays that decided the game."

On your personal performance leading the team with 12 tackles:
"I wasn't out there by myself. I was out there with 10 other people. I couldn't make all of those plays by myself. It was our defensive line and other linebackers were filling gaps. I was just running to the ball like everyone else."

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