Eric Winston Interview

I caught up with the super tight end prospect from Texas after his visit to the Longhorns. Winston said the trip to Texas was much different than the one to UM.

"I went to Texas this weekend and had a great time," Winston said. "There were four of us and we hung out with the players and saw all the sites of Austin. I had a good time."

"They're two totally different situations," he said. "Texas is huge. Miami is small. They're both located right near major cities. I had a great time on both visits, as well as A&M and I have a tough decision coming up."

When asked about rumors of LSU being a co-leader, Winston said that got twisted.

"I guess some people like to write what their fans want to hear," he said. "But all four schools are even. Of the 110 or whatever Division 1 teams there are, LSU is one of the four that I am still considering. I'm going there next weekend."

Winston also talked about the tight end situation at Miami with Jeremy Shockey leaving.

"I look at it like this - they'd be great with him, and they'll be great without him," he said. "It would have been great to have him as a mentor, but it also gives me an opportunity to play earlier. He made the best decision for himself and Miami has plenty of capabale replacements. It doesn't not affect my decision either way. I still like Miami as much as I did before."

Winston said he spoke to UM coach Rob Chudzinski earlier tonight.

"He just wanted to see how things were going," he said. "He told me Coach Coker wanted to visit with me, so they're both coming to my basketball game on Tuesday and we'll hang out afterwards. R.C. Slocum comes on Thursday or Friday."

Winston said he'll take one more visit before making a final decision.

"Miami, Texas, A&M, and LSU are all even," he said. "I'll take one last trip, then take a little time to think it all over. I should make a final decision sometime in late January."

Personally, I still think it'll come down to UM and Texas A&M and I continue to like our chances a lot.

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