Jason Alford Interview

I just spoke to one of the nation's top defensive tackles, as he walked in the door from his visit to Penn State. It is coming down to crunch time, who has the upper hand now?

"I had a great time this weekend," he said. "Jason Robinson was my host and we had fun together. It's down to Penn State and Miami."

So who has the upper hand?

"It's 50/50 right now," he said. "I am not leaning to one over the other. It's totally even. I've cancelled my other visits and I'll make a decision between the two sometime later this week. Coach Coker comes to my house tomorrow, then Coach Paterno comes on Wednesday. I want to hear what they have to say, and then I'll make a final decision."

Alford talked about the biggest differences between the two.

"I love them both," he said. "But there are two major differences. First is the weather. Penn State is like New Jersey. It changes all the time, where Miami is always warm. And also the surroundings. Penn State is a lot slower. It's more of a college town atmosphere, where as Miami is faster and is a big city. Both don't really matter to me. I like them both a lot and it's going to be tough making the right choice."

Personally, all I can say is come on, Coker!! You beat JoePa on Sept 1 and it would be sweet to beat him again this week!

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