Miami Impresses DL

Ekom Udofia's senior season ended earlier than he had hoped. He's been working hard to get back to where he was before the injury. "I got put into a walking boot just recently," Udofia said. "They said it would be six to nine months after the injury, which happened in October."

Udofia had a leg injury that he suffered on the first play of week 7.

"I was triple teamed on that play and somehow my leg got snapped," he said. "All I remember is how much pain I was in. I was doing real well prior to the injury, probably having my best season ever."

The talented lineman has used the off time to work out inside the weight room and keep his grades up.

"I've been working out a lot," he said. "I actually had a good workout this afternoon. I still do a lot of bench, abs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, leg extentions, and leg curls. The big thing is I haven't been able to condition because of it."

Udofia, a full academic qualifier, said he's also spent a lot of time watching players at his position who are in the pros.

"I study a lot of tape of the NFL guys," he said. "None really in particular but I just watch a lot of it, as much as I can. I want to see what those guys are doing because they're obviously doing something right to be playing at that level."

On the recruiting front, Udofia has continued to get recruited like one of the best defensive tackle prospects in the entire country. After taking visits to USC and Stanford earlier in the season, he spent this past weekend in Miami.

"I just came back from Miami," he said. "It was lots of fun. It was my first time there. The players were real cool to hang out with at night. There's a bunch of stuff to do around the city. I got along with the coaches real good and I felt like I made a good connection with them. I could definitely see myself fitting in there."

Udofia, 6-2 and 347 pounds, was asked to compare his first three visits.

"The biggest difference is that there's so much more to do in Miami," he said. "It's a really exciting place to be and the expectations are so high. USC is getting ready to play for the title but I know Miami's got some good times coming up. They're going to have a great team the next few years. Coach Coker was telling me about how I will have a chance to play early and how the academics are there. I don't know how many they're trying to get but they said they really want me and Ndahmukong Suh from Oregon, who was also taking his visit."

The talented defensive lineman plans on visiting Oklahoma State this weekend, followed by Oklahoma on the 17th.

"I'll probably make my decision in January after all my visits," he said. "Right now it's all pretty even. I've gone back and forth but between Stanford, Miami, and USC it's pretty much the same right now."

Udofia, who has a brother playing at Stanford, said he has an in-home visit scheduled with Dan Werner this coming Thursday.

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