Kehoe Impresses OL

Matt Pipho's football season is over and now he's switched his focus over to basketball. However, he can't get football off his mind thanks to having college football coaches in the audience.

"Coach Kehoe from Miami actually came to my basketball game when he came up here to see me," Pipho said. "I had 10 points and 15 rebounds so hopefully he liked what he saw out there."

Pipho, 6-6 and 260 pounds, is a former tight end who brings a lot of athletic ability to the position. That's a major reason why many major programs are actively recruiting him.

"Last week I had Iowa State, Nebraska, and Stanford here and so far this week I've had Oregon, Miami, and Nebraska," he said. "It's pretty crazy sometimes. I'm actually going to Oregon this weekend for a visit and then I got Stanford and Miami in January. I'm planning on visiting Nebraska and Oklahoma as well. (The Sooners) haven't offered me yet but they've been in contact with me and everything."

Pipho said the Hurricanes are right near the top of his list, mainly because of Kehoe.

"I talk to him about once a week on the phone," he said. "He's a real nice guy and has a lot of fire. I like his style. I could see myself playing for him. He really gets after it. You can tell how much he enjoys doing what he does."

Pipho said he had a chance to watch the first half of the Virginia Tech game last weekend.

"I was surprised they lost," he said. "Coach Kehoe said he was real disappointed in how they lost. He said the line needs to step up and he said the whole team will bounce back and be ready for their bowl game. It's just been a tough year for them I guess."

The talented lineman, a full academic qualifier, wont make a decision until after his January visits. However, the Hurricanes appear to be in good shape at this point.

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