Haith Postgame Quotes

Following their 80-53 win over Massachusetts, head coach Frank Haith addressed the media. The win today is the fourth straight overall for the 'Canes as they now stand at 5-2 on the young season.

Opening Statement

That was there best performance of the year. From start to finish we had a stretch in the second half where we had a lull defensively. I called time out and I told our guys we had the same type of lull in the FIU game and let's show some poise and finish the game out. I thought we did once we got back out there. We had our best night with assists, 17. I am sure that's a season high for us. I thought our ball and player movement was excellent tonight from an offensive standpoint. Our offensive execution was very good. Our guys shot the ball very well particularly in the second half. Even at the half we were getting good shots. I thought Will had a great game tonight we inserted him in the starting line up and we wanted to try and get him going from an offensive standpoint. I thought he performed very well. He ran the court well and we need that out of him. We need him to continue his development.

How did you contain their post players?

Freeman had an outstanding game the other night. Coming into this game he was someone we were focusing on. I thought for the most part all our post guys did a good job on him. We had help from the perimeter; we doubled him a little bit. We had not done a good job all year defending other teams post. We have had some moments where we have given up some buckets. At FIU Almonte had a great game against us. Even early in the season we had some guys who had some good post games against us. At the beginning of the game Anthony King had three blocks. I think that set the tone for us defensively.

On the production of the three starting guards

Those guys are really shooting the ball well. I think they are playing well off of each other. Guillermo had a great first half and a great game. The ball movement was outstanding within our three guards. I think they are starting to get used to playing with each other. That one play that Guillermo had at the end of the first half was spectacular. As we like to say, he jumped out of his skin on that one. As we grow as a basketball team, I think we are becoming more confident. That confidence comes from an understanding of what we want to do.

On teams play right now

I think we are playing great. My vision for this team is just to continue to improve. I don't know what to anticipate or expect other than lets continue to grow. I'm not trying to think ahead. We have Stetson on Saturday and that's the most important game of the year because it's the next game. Our focus is to just try to work hard and improve and get better.

On the transformation after the South Carolina State Game

I think that was a great learning tool. I don't know that if we didn't have that South Carolina State loss that we would have the Florida win. That's the way any team sport is, you learn from your games. That was a tremendous learning experience for us. There was a lot of teaching involved. I thought our kids were outstanding in terms of their focus and they just said open up to us.

Was your team more motivated after UMass beat UConn?

I think for the most part you do get guys attention when you have a big win like that. They were picked to be one of the top teams in the Atlantic 10 this year. They have a lot of talent on that team and they were starting to play better. They had a great game against Gonzaga, where they were only down by two with seven minutes left in the game.

On Guillermo's play

Something that Guillermo has worked on is getting his shot off quicker and being ready to shoot the ball. One thing I think Guillermo does is he sometimes plays when he catches the ball not wanting to play before he catches the ball. He has really worked hard on that and he was a ready shooter today. All three of the guards have really worked hard on that, playing shooting games for 30 minutes after practice. They continue to work together and that's been good to see.

On winning the rebound battle against a bigger team

I think they started a big line-up. We told them that we read before their UConn game that they wanted to win the rebounding match-up. Rob's assignment was to make contact and block his man out every time. We did a good job on the boards and on the offensive glass as well.

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