'Canes Nearing Commitment

A.J. Trump decided to take his official visit to the University of Miami this weekend and he came away very impressed. "Miami was awesome," Trump said.

"I was hanging out a lot with Spencer Adkins and Reginald Youngblood. They both talked a lot about maybe coming to Miami and I think there's a real good chance they'll both end up coming here. I think it's a great recruiting class they're putting together."

Trump, 6-4 and 281 pounds, said the biggest reason for his interest in Miami is offensive line coach Art Kehoe.

"I actually grew up a Florida State fan and Coach Kehoe is the main reason I became so interested in Miami," he said. "I love him and I think playing for him would be a great opportunity. He's been there for 26 years now and he's been around a lot of great teams and he's coached a lot of great linemen. I can't imagine there being a better offensive line coach out there. He's really passionate and his players love him. I hung out all weekend with Eric Winston and Chris Myers and they both had nothing but great things to say about him. The thing I like is that most of the linemen at Miami are close friends and they all hang out together."

Trump had some question marks in his mind about the city of Miami, based on some of the things he's been told by others.

"There are a lot of big misconceptions about the whole area," he said. "I now have a lot of those questions answered. Miami's a beautiful place. The school is located in a nice area. It's a small school with only about 9,000 students and the players really enjoy it there."

The talented lineman said he also had a chance to meet strength coach Andreu Swasey on his visit.

"He's awesome," he said. "He really pushes everyone and I think that's why they've had so many great players come through there. He actually gets up real early and comes in and does his workout before the players even show up. He has the respect of all of his players."

Trump talked more about what he likes about the Hurricanes.

"The fact that expectations are so high, it really makes it different than most places," he said. "You have a chance to go against the best every day in practice and that makes you a better player. There's no time to rest. They had a tough year but everyone's confident they'll get it turned around. They still have great coaches, great players, and the chance to really turn things around. I'd like to be part of it."

Trump, who has a visit scheduled to South Florida in January, was favoring the Irish and Canes for awhile. He provided an update on that.

"Notre Dame has fallen off," he said. "They hired a good coach and everything but I dont know anything about him, who their offensive line coach is going to be, and I know he's never coached a college football team before. At Miami, there is more stability. There's no doubt, Miami's definitely my No. 1 school right now."

So is it safe to assume the Hurricanes are clearly the team to beat?

"Oh yeah," he said. "I don't know if I'll even take any other visits. Miami's so far out in front. I haven't committed yet because I need to sit down and really think about everything and make sure that it's the right decision. I'm pretty sure it will be."

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