Jason Alford Interview

The super defensive tackle from New Jersey told me on Sunday to call back Wednesday afternoon, as he might have a decision by now. We have the latest update here.

"Actually, I need a few more days," he said. "Call me back on Monday and I should know by then where I'm going."

At 6-3 and 265, Alford is one of the nation's top defensive tackles and it's down to Miami and Penn State.

"Coach Coker stopped by my house last night," he said. "He came with Coach Vernon [Hargreaves]. They just talked about everything, like how much they wanted me to come. My grandma was here and she really liked them, too. Joe Paterno is supposed to be coming by here tonight."

So after the visit, have things changed?

"It's still 50/50 between Miami and Penn State," he said. "It's like it gets tougher and tougher to decide every day. I think I'll make a decision over the weekend and be ready to say on Monday."

Personally, there are a few ways of looking at this situation but the one that comes to my mind first is Alford thought he was headed to Penn State on Sunday when I spoke to him. He told me to call back Wednesday as he would know by then. However, he doesn't know now, so something changed his mind between Sunday and now. The only thing that really happened was the in-home visit from Coker and Hargreaves, which hopefully he liked so much that he now truly does not know what he's going to do and perhaps he likes Miami more than ever now. It'll be close, so stay tuned.

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