Davin Joseph Interview

I caught up with the talented lineman earlier tonight. He speaks about the recruiting process and a couple of the Miami coaches in particular.

"Everything has been going well," he said. "I get the pin removed from my hand real soon. As you know, I broke my hand at the California all-star game."

Yes, I know all about it. He broke his hand on the 5th play of the game, and still managed to finish.

"Everyone was talking about how all these stars were on California's team," he said. "But they weren't that good. One of their guys left at halftime because he got sick. I had a broken hand, but I wasn't about to stop."

At 6-foot-3 and 275 pounds, Joseph will begin another run at a state wrestling championship in a few weeks when the cast is removed from his hand. In the meantime, he has a decision to make.

"Recruiting is going great," he said. Joseph talked about his visit to N.C. State last weekend. "It was awesome. I loved everything about it. It's a real good place to live. NC State, North Carolina, and Duke form a triangle in the state. And inside the triangle, there are four all-female schools. It's a great recruiting tool for them and that's probably why they do so well in recruiting athletes from Florida. But I just can't picture myself concentrating a whole lot there. That's why I'm really no longer considering them. Oklahoma and Michigan State are nice towns and not nearly as much to do there. I'll be able to really focus on school and football."

Joseph, a defending state champion wrestler, has visits scheduled to Ohio State and Miami over the next two weekends.

"I think Ohio State is still on my list," he said. "I'll go up there this weekend and see what it's about. If it compares to Oklahoma and Michigan State, then it just makes my decision tougher."

So what about the Hurricanes, who a month ago, he told me were "too arrogant"?

"I said that without really knowing about them," he said. "I've gotten the chance to meet some of their coaches and they're great. Greg Mark is a really nice guy and someone that would be good to play for. I also got the chance to meet Art Kehoe today. He came and saw me. He's probably the funniest guy I have ever met. He tells you what's on his mind. He's put out some great linemen at Miami too. He came by instead because Greg Mark just had a baby girl."

Joseph had in-home visits from Bob Stoops last night, Bill Miller (MSU) tonight, and Ohio State on Monday.

"The thing I'm looking forward to is meeting Coach Coker and getting the chance to talk to him. Coach Mark always talks about how much they want me, but I was at their pep rally for the Rose Bowl and Coach Coker walked right by me and didn't even know who I was. But he had a lot of other things on his mind, so it'll be good to talk to him on my visit."

So who is the front-runner at this point and what kind of chance does UM have?

"I'd go with Oklahoma," he said. "That's probably the best overall situation for me. They told me I can come in and start next to Tommie Harris and form the best defensive line in the country. Miami has their hands full. They're getting my last visit and will have a chance to really impress me. I just need to feel a certain comfort level. I'll know after that visit where I'm going for sure."

Personally, this is getting very interesting. As Joseph has gotten the opportunity to get to know UM's coaches, he's adopted a totally new outlook on the program. After watching Joseph at the CaliFlorida Bowl, despite playing with a broken hand, I think he's almost considered a must get. I don't care what anyone says, this kid will play in the NFL someday and it's going to be a battle till the end.

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