DE to Visit UM Last

There isn't a more heavily recruited defensive end anywhere in the entire country right now than Georgia's Kyle Moore. At 6-foot-6 and 249 pounds, Moore is coming off an outstanding senior season.

"I was crushing people out there this year," said Moore, who finished the season with 64 tackles, 22 sacks, and two touchdowns. "Then I was doing my thing at the all-star game on Monday."

Moore is currently playing basketball and he'll also throw the shot (52 last year) and discus (155) during the spring. In the meantime, he's having to deal with the recruiting process.

"It's been fun with all the visits and everything," he said. "I've taken three of them already. I went to USC, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. They were all fun. I saw a lot and met a lot of players and coaches. All three of those schools have a lot to offer. I'm going to Miami on January 14th and I think Michigan the week before that."

Moore, a full academic qualifier, is also strongly considering the Georgia Bulldogs.

"I've already been there before so I didn't really need to visit them officially," he said. "It's basically out of those six right there. I'm really wide open right now, anything can happen. I'll take these visits and then make a decision around signing day. There's still a lot of time left and I'm not even close (to a decision)."

Moore said he's high on the Hurricanes and is looking forward to that January visit.

"Miami's always up near the top," he said. "They produce all those NFL players and it seems like those guys know how to get down to business. They were a little young on defense this year and struggled some. I think I can go in and help them early. Coach Coker came up to visit with me last week. He's real cool, we just talked. I told him I'm ready for my visit there to see what it's like."

The talented defensive lineman said the depth charts at each program won't be a major factor.

"Of course I'll check to see where the opportunities are but I'm confident in what I can do," he said. "You give me a chance and I'll do something with it. I'm not a tackle, though. I'd like to be around 260 or so when I'm in college."

When asked about his thoughts on the national title game between the Sooners and Trojans, he offered up an interesting response.

"I don't know but have you heard all the trash that Larry Burdine from Oklahoma is talking," he said. "He was my most when I went to Oklahoma. He was cracking jokes and talking the whole time. He's crazy. That's my boy right there. Me and him are tight."

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